NET25 ASPN Primetime hosts Ali Sotto and Pat-P Daza's no-holds-barred interview with presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos

Monday, February 07, 2022

NET25 ASPN Primetime hosts Ali Sotto and Pat-P Daza, in an effort to help every Filipino to know more about the candidates in the coming Election 2022, they are hosting an in-depth interview with the aspiring public servants. 

Veteran broadcasters and ASPN Primetime hosts Ali Sotto and Pat-P Daza had a no-holds-barred questions to Presidential aspirant BongBong Marcos or known by his supporters as BBM. The interview was released yesterday February 6, Sunday and is now available via Net25's Social Media Platforms - Facebook and YouTube Account. 

BBM was was asked regarding his position and perspectives on the various issues confronting the country today. BBM was at ease and was not hesitant to answer all the questions of Ms. Ali and Pat. He was very comfortable tackling all the details regarding his political plans and how he is dealing with all the negativity surrounding his campaign and presidential aspirations.  

A.S.P.N. or Ano Sa Palagay N'yo tackles what the viewers need to hear and the hosts showcased how straightforward they can be with issues surrounding their guests. They discussed about the unification of the country with BBM, the hosts even reminisced how it was like during the Marcos era and Martial Law and when BBM mentioned he wanted to move forward and push the history behind. 

Ms. Pat P-Daza definitely knows how to throw the most intriguing and remarkable questions while at the same Ms. Ali Sotto knows how to make the scenario light, easy going and still focused on what needs to be discussed and what the viewers should know. 

The fish bowl type of questions thrown to BBM is one unique and candid way of getting to know him and at the same time the other aspiring candidates in the coming interviews. 

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