Mikael Daez is back in hosting via GMA Network's infotainment tv show 'The Best Ka!'

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

When it comes to infotainment TV shows, there's no other channel that comes to my mind but GMA Network. It's the home of some of the best infotainment shows that last for years like Drew Arellano's AHA!, Bong Revilla's Kap's Amazing Stories and Chris Tiu's iBilib among others. 

This year, GMA Network launches a new show that showcases the amazing and one-of-a-kind list of Guinness World of Records around the globe in "The Best Ka!".

The Best Ka! Blogger's Conference with
Mikael Daez

The Best Ka! will feature not only those that we usually know in Guinness World of Records but also some of the hardest, most peculiar and those that will definitely blow your mind once you watch it. 

Nobody fits the hosting job more than Mikael Daez. He is the perfect host for The Best Ka! Because he is indeed the best when it comes to hosting. According to Mikael, who was present during the Blogger's Conference last February 15, he is very happy and grateful to GMA Network for entrusting his this amazing project. This is infact his very own first full-length TV Show although he has done several hosting stints in the past like his recent show Midnight Express where he features different food and cuisine across the metro.

Mikael shared that the success will not depend on the host but to the content of the show and specifically the creative team behind The Best Ka! He is all praises to the creative team because the whole concept is very unique and people will learn a lot from it especially at this time and age. Mikael also reminisced when he first started his showbiz career and he landed on Kapuso Network where his talent was only singing and dancing and he never, even in his wildest dreams thought that one day he will be a host. He is thankful that he was given a chance to hone his skills in acting as he did several teseryes in GMA Network and now, he is more comfortable in hosting.

On the very first episode of The Best Ka! his co-host is no less than his beautiful wife, Miss World Title holder Megan Young. The married couple is also busy doing several projects together and Mikael said, he can',t pin point the difference of being married as to the way they are before because nothing really changed. The companionship, love and support will always be there and he is glad that they both love the same things especially their love for coffee. One his best moments is having coffee with his wife in the mornings, he said "it's incomparable and memorable". 

Bloggers with Mikael Daez

The Best Ka! Premieres on February 20, Sunday at 3:50 p.m. on GMA Network. 

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