Friday, January 28, 2022

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Toy Kingdoms cuddly toy tigers that kids  and kids at heart - would love to hold, hug, and snuggle at night. Adorable as they are, these are a supposed to bring a roaring share of luck, laughter, passion, and adventure in the Year of the Tiger.

There are adorable and colorful plush tigers with stripes and sparkling eyes, as well as cute and fluffy Kawaii Tigers.

They are perfect gifts for tiger tots who are born with all the charm and optimism they will need to navigate the ebb and flow of fortune in life.  They possess big hearts, and naturally dispense love and charity to those people and interests that capture their imagination  from family and pets to the needy and downtrodden of the world.

Charismatic and bright, little tigers are ultimate optimists and will always bounce back from any setback, much like Tigger in Winnie the Pooh. Their insatiable curiosity about life will lead them into more than their fair share of adventures, sometimes resulting in scrapes, but you cant keep a good cat down.

Tigers are natural born leaders, always looking to bring folks together, put their brilliant ideas into practice, and ensure that equality reigns. 

Welcome the Year of the Tiger with Toy Kingdoms collection of fluffy and adorable tiger inspired plushies that will surely bring luck and lots of fun into your homes. Get them via Toy Kingdoms Call to Deliver services at 0917.5578797 and have a personal shopper assist you and your kids to virtually select toys. 

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