Jo Berry shines as the 'Little Princess' in the latest GMA Afternoon Prime Series

Friday, January 28, 2022

It's been three weeks since LITTLE PRINCESS, the newest GMA Network afternoon prime series premiered and it has been getting a lot of positive reviews and equally good ratings. Lead star of the the said teleserye, no less than JO BERRY, can't help but feel overwhelmed and grateful for all the support that the show is getting even this is a truly a blessing in disguise.

Little Princess is a story of family, success, and perseverance which is set to bring love and inspiration to Kapuso viewers on GMA Afternoon Prime.

Multitalented actress Jo Berry leads the star-studded cast as Princess Montivano, a little person who has big dreams despite growing up poor. As she finds out she is an heiress, how can she adjust to her new life if people are out to challenge her claim in the company and will she be able to rise above her challenges when her family and loved ones are at stake?

During the Bloggers Conference of Little Princess, Jo Berry shared that she can very well relate to her role as Princess, it's very realistic on her part and at the same they both share the same love and undying support for her family. Like Princess, she also wants to be the source of happiness and inspiration to people who know her. 

Last year when the biggest storm hit her life, She had lost her father, brother and grandfather to COVID-19 last year, and she was unsure if she can even deliver what is expected for her as an actress when she was at the peak of grief and despair. But despite of all her challenges in life, she decided to move forward because she knows it was her father's wish as well, to keep acting and doing good roles for everyone to watch. It would make her father and family proud and that is what keeps her going. 

Prior to “Little Princess,” Jo starred in heavy dramas and showed off her acting skills opposite Nora Aunor in “Onanay,” and then worked with Alden Richards in “The Gift.” 

Also present during the Bloggers Conference were top notched actress Angelika Dela Cruz as Elise Reyes, mother of Princess, Juancho Triviño as Damien Santiago, a rich and Magic Legends gamer who will be a arch rival of Princess in Magic Legends but will also be friends in the coming episodes. Rodjun Cruz plays the role of Jaxon Pineda, best friend of Princess and also Magic Legends gamer. 

All of them showcased something new to portray in the respective roles in this newest series. For Angelika, coming from a villain role, she nows plays a kind and nurturing Mom to Princess, a huge difference from her last evil role. This time around, she will have to face the wrath of Geneva Cruz who plays the role of Odessa Montivano, and they will have plenty of scenes that the viewers should watch out.

Both Juancho and Rodjun shared that they adjusted big time to the lock-in taping because of the pandemic. Juancho and Joyce recently started a family and their first born is a baby boy while Rodjun and Diane also have a baby boy. It was hard for them to be away and shoot while their wofe and baby are at home but despite of it, they made sure to deliver 100% in their respective roles. Rodjun shared that he always pray that he will be given a role that can showcase his talent as an actor and he is thankful that GMA always gives him the best opportunities. This is likewise to Juancho who is also grateful that despite the pandemic, they still have a job and cater to what they love the most. They also made it a point to make the lock-in taping enjoyable and worthwhile.

Meet the other cast of LITTLE PRINCESS:

Join Princess as she overcomes every obstacle big and small in “Little Princess”, weekdays 3:25 p.m. on GMA Afternoon Prime.

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