Secrets to running a small business during the holiday season

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

For many business owners, the holiday season is the peak of the year, with special promos offered and bulk orders coming in. It’s the most crucial time, especially for micro, small and medium enterprises, and finding partners to help keep up business operations as demand grows is essential for them. Look no further as GCash Pro is here to help budding entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level.. With just a few taps, they will be able maximize GCash Pro’s various services such as increased wallet limit, payment links and loans.

Alyssa Arellano, owner of Aly’s Cookie Bar and the brain behind Spectrum Fair, knows a thing or two about managing the hectic period of Christmas, both pre-pandemic and during the lockdown. “Aly's Cookie Bar was something I started back in 2013 when I decided to leave my hotel job to pursue my entrepreneurial career,” she recalls. “Back then cupcakes were all the rage and I wanted to veer away from that and focus on classic treats people know and love.”

Since March 2020, Alyssa and her team have had to revert to a purely online business, adapting to the changing times. One such adjustment was the move to online payment transactions. “We started using GCash during the height of the pandemic, when cashless payments were trending,” she shares. “We noticed that the majority of our customers prefer paying with GCash, so accepting GCash for our transactions was an added benefit - not only for our customers but for us as well. We love that it reflects real time and has the least amount of steps needed to accomplish payments.”

A seemingly minor adjustment, the move to cashless payment was a good one for Alyssa’s business. “We find that it encourages people to order more cookies too knowing the customers can pay seamlessly through GCash with no added charges when transferring their payment.”

Aly’s Cookie Bar is part of the ongoing online Spectrum Fair Manila powered by GCash Pro. Available until January 9, 2022, get to find last minute holiday delights and gifts from a myriad of businesses - from clothing to home essentials, pet accessories to fashion garments. Some of the stores include Soak Artisan Soap, Store It, Zin Manila, Whisk, Lev MNL, and Solasta to name a few. To find out more, visit

Grow your business with GCash Pro

Just like Alyssa, you too can empower your business with GCash Pro! Whether you’re just starting to establish your own business or looking into growing your brand, GCash’s services are at the forefront in helping you achieve your goals. Your business partner for growth, GCash Pro is more than just an e-wallet for your business - it now offers a range of services and features to help you run your business. So when you subscribe to one of GCash Pro’s services, you will have a seamless user experience as given the easy-to-use features that can be learned through self-onboarding. While some businesses try to have more than one GCash account in order to get a higher wallet limit, you get to have an increased wallet size using these services. There are also loans that you can take advantage of to expand your business.

With businesses like Aly’s Cookie Bar, GCash is offering Biz Starter 99 which will enable you to continue expanding your business. Costing only Php99 a month, Alyssa will enjoy benefits such as an increased wallet limit of Php500K, 5x cash back on bank transfers, access to Php25k additional funds through GLoans, and even personal insurance coverage up to Php50k. While these may seem like basic financial solutions for micro and small enterprises, GCash actually makes it easier by allowing owners to apply and transact completely through the GCash app! GCash also offers payment solutions for formal business owners, like QR and payment links to make it easier for customers to transact with you.

With GCash Pro as your partner for growth, there’s nowhere to go but up! 

To learn more about GCash Pro services, you may visit GCash’s website, or GCash’s Facebook page,

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