BeyondZer0 marks a milestone in their career after an exceptional Digital Concert

Saturday, December 04, 2021

BeyondZer0 gave an explosive and memorable performance at their Digital Concert last December 3. The concert itself happened at the premiere and one of a kind hotel and leisure destination, Okada Manila. 

BeyondZer0 didn't fail their supporters as they gave their 100%, this is just another milestone in their career proving that they're not just "TikTok Influencers" but a true performer and rising group in the Philippine Pop Industry and soon, globally. 

BeyondZer0 is composed of Andrei, Duke, Jester, Jieven, Khel, Matty, and Wayne - individuals who were plucked from obscurity and formed into a group that generated a combined 1.4-billion Tiktok views.

Bryan Dy of Mentorque 

House of Mentorque and Mentorque Productions took the reign in managing the group and embarked them in a two-month rigorous training in dancing, singing, and personality development. 

From the comfort of their homes doing Tiktok to the pressure of performing on a grand stage in the biggest indoor beach club in the country, Cove Manila in the luxurious Okada, witness BeyondZer0 shine as they perform their first ever single, "Reach the Top” written by the award winning singer-songwriter, Quest.

Artists who lend their support to the group are the legendary Sexbomb dancers, Manoeuvres, Quest, JRoa, Glendale Aquias, and the talented and stunning Ms Jessy Mendiola-Manzano.

Their dances are made exeptional with the beat of two leading DJs in the Philippines, Ace Ramos and Mars Miranda. Not to forget their Tiktok roots, fellow tiktokers and friends - Argie Roquero, Ericka Pineda, Andrea Pauline, Ralph Alfaro, Austin Ong, Franz Miaco and JM Yrreverre also graced the concert to showcase viral Tiktok dance challenges.

This debut concert is just the start of a promising career for these talented individuals. The door to the cutthroat world of media and entertainment is opened. Obstacles and mistakes will be encountered along the way, but rest assured that these stumbling blocks will be treated as experiences to be learned from and grow. There is no stopping BeyondZer0 in reaching the top!

BeyondZer0 The Reboot Digital Concert is directed by the award winning director, GB Sampedro. Like the official Facebook page of BeyondZer0 for more updates. 

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