Why this smartphone gives you the most relaxing user experience

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Smartphones have been part of our daily lives, becoming the ‘can’t live without’ gadget, and because of that, they shouldn’t just be functional but they should also play an important part in our well-being and convenience.

Global smart device brand OPPO’s latest operating system, ColorOS 11, which comes with the newest Reno6 series, provides a foundation for an efficient, convenient, and inspirational smartphone experience. It can not only help you stay productive, but it can also relieve your stress with its easy-to-use features for a guaranteed delightful experience.
Pause and breathe with O Relax 2.0 
The new normal setup can be very stressful whether you are working or studying offsite or onsite, and this is why it is very important that your smartphone allows you to pause and escape your demanding environment. The O Relax 2.0 allows you to use soothing sounds and play mini-games that can help relieve anxiety. The latest version features Sounds of the Cities, which plays calming sounds from your favorite global locations; White Noise Customization, a list of white noise selections you can play to block out any other sounds; and lastly, Stress-relieving Games that will help you unwind.

Experience industry-first hands-free features
If a convenient experience with state-of-the-art innovation is one you’re looking for, ColorOS 11 has it covered for you. The AI-enhanced Sensing Algorithm in the Reno6 series cameras allows you to take advantage of its Air Gestures, which lets recognized users navigate their phone up and down on popular social networking apps, and also answer calls, without having to touch their phone! There’s also a built-in Anti-Peeping Feature for Notifications, which automatically detects if someone else is sneaking a look at your phone and hides details of your pop-up notifications, a privacy essential for sure. Lastly, ColorOS 11 also has an Adaptive Sleep feature equipped with an AI intelligent sensing algorithm that detects your present attention, making sure the screen does not dim or go to sleep while you are streaming your favorite shows. 

Less eye strain for more comfortable viewing
Have you been staring at your gadget all day? No need to worry about  eye strain and even headaches, as ColorOS 11 comes with all-day AI Eye Comfort. It manages screen brightness automatically, no matter the ambient light, to reduce stress on your eyes, so you can comfortably enjoy your me-time and stream your favorite show.

Consistently smooth experience, just like day 1
It’s natural to experience a slowdown when your gadget gets older. Ensuring that your Reno6 always runs like new, ColorOS 11 incorporates several functions to guarantee the fastest and smoothest response. Through its Garbage Cleaning function, ColorOS 11 automatically cleans up junk and defrags your phone storage, to keep your phone running as smoothly as ever. Meanwhile, Quick Startup studies users’ daily habits, and predicts the top apps you are likely to open, preloading them for you even before you think to open them and improving app startup speed by an average of 23%. 

Lasting as long as you need it to 
Everyone hates using a phone with a battery that’s almost draining. ColorOS 11’s Super Power Saving Mode removes the stress around conserving your battery life. It automatically adjusts screen brightness and CPU use, keeping up to only six apps at full capacity so you can stay productive while keeping your phone alive. 
The Reno6 user experience is sure to be the most stress-free yet. If these sound like essentials for your everyday lifestyle, grab your very own OPPO Reno6 today! 

To know more about the Reno6 series, visit the OPPO Flagship Store at Lazada and Shopee, the OPPO Philippines’ official website at www.oppo.com.ph/ or its official Facebook page at OPPO Philippines.

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