Top ASEAN Business Leaders Convene to Redefine Finance and Revitalize Technology at the 2021 CFO Summit

Friday, November 12, 2021

To put a spotlight on the role of revolution in Finance and create a vision for the future of digital economy,, leading business platform in Southeast Asia, holds its 2nd Annual CFO Virtual Summit on December 13 & 14 from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

With its theme “Accelerating Through Change: Redefining Finance and Revitalizing Technology,” the online summit focuses on thought-provoking talks and actionable insights from Top Executives and Finance Technology disruptors who are re-defining the future of finance. Speakers position their discussions on its 4-point agenda: Business Financial Transformation, Investment and Financial Resilience, The Finance-Technology Revolution, and Future of Crypto and Digital Currencies.

The roles of the Chief Financial Officers have been continuously challenged by the ever-changing business landscape. More than Finance and Accounting, CFOs must now serve to innovate or disrupt the status quo in their organization which compels them to be data-driven and transform business through technology to create more value. 

Guest keynote and panel speakers from all over Southeast Asia aim to keep attendees updated with emerging trends and the latest predictions to leave with a conclusive solid action plan in elevating the visibility of finance to strengthen the overall business. 

The virtual summit highlights the present finance structures' performance trade-offs and how future structures will adapt to changing business needs. Important strategy components from today's most successful firms will be discussed, while attendees who are equally devoted to improving the bottom line will be able to participate through concentrated educational sessions.

The pandemic emphasizes the significance of digitalization and its role in ensuring secure and remote financial transactions and services. Against this backdrop, the two-day event projects an unprecedented opportunity to connect with high-profile executives and explore collaborative models in industry-leading solution providers. In these trying times, it’s important to come together and continue to support the business community.

This year’s CFO Summit will be attended by Corporate Finance & Treasury Leaders and Finance-related Executives from Industries such as Banks, Financial Institutions, FinTech Companies, Fortune 500, Telecommunications Companies, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and E-Commerce in the ASEAN Region, CFO Summit 2021 touches on how businesses will evolve with the dominating presence of technology while also helping the different sectors and industries move forward with it.

Register to join the online conference as they talk about the most pressing challenges and questions today in the business industry. Visit to book your tickets.

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