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Monday, November 15, 2021

This pandemic surely gave us a lot if valuable life lessons that we can apply in our present and future endeavors. This also pave way to be more vigilant when it comes to our own assets, investments and business. We must always be on the look out for our own security and at the same time focus on what we should do to make our finances even more bountiful especially if you have a business and you want to be more hands on in taking care of everything. 

Nobi is a product that has many outstanding advantages in the market according to customer care and remarketing with a professional technical team and a young and enthusiastic customer care team.

Building an ecosystem, connecting online businesses, promoting development, bringing the greatest benefits. 

With the desire to serve online business and optimize operations, Nobi helps customers achieve the best operating efficiency. Nobi has been striving to be the top choice that is that are the most used, the most used and the greatest value for the online businesses in Asia.

Nobi understand that customers always want to be “Listen – Understand – Satisfied”, so they are confident in the dedicated service of Nobi’s customer care team.

Nobi Media Conference with Dianne Medina hosting the event

Nobi – Solution “All in One” is an order management, CRM, marketing automation. Just 1 click to replace all redundant and inefficient employees.

Nobi connects all operating software systems that you are using into one interface. With easy operation, you can quickly change order status and manage customers in detail.

This amazing application can help you to control the single stroke effectively. Therefore, it helps you increase the success rate of delivery and minimize the situation of refunds.

Nobi approaches customers through every channel that you have such as facebook, sms, email, call center, app. Users can easily up-sell, cross-sell and take care of customers automatically and personalize according to customer behavior.

Nobi helps your business to save the manpower, the time and the money in placing an order, tracking orders and checking warehouse in the most optimal way.

Meet the Executive Team

Nobi has a team of talented, young and enthusiastic leaders who are always eager to dedicate themselves to embark on a career kf an ecosystem connecting to the online business market.

Mr. Nguyen Kim Cuong
Founder - CEO

Peter Kha

Here are some of the important highlights about Nobi that you can use to your online business:

The feature helps you to measure the effectiveness of each marketing campaign in detail based on extremely important data such as the number of closed orders and the actual profit after deducting all costs. All sales channels are easily managed on one interface to launch personalized, intensive remarketing programs.
  • All-in-one Interface
Integrate Facebook, SMS, Email on the same interface for easy manipulation and management. Show important metrics like the number of messages you sent, the number of views, the 7-day campaign revenue, and the 7-day orders in an intuitive and accurate way. Create a batch of automated message templates for different campaigns.

Start growing with Nobi today! With tools to make every part of your process more human and a supporr team excited to help you and guide you. Getting started with inbound has never been easier!

Check out their official website via or visit their Facebook page for more details.

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