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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Many people tend to just buy any conditioner that they can find at the supermarket thinking that it will do its job - to soften the hair. Due to a lot of reasons, we rarely don't know the right conditioner for our hair type. 

There are things you need to know before you buy a conditioner, starting with what it actually does.

Conditioner is typically used right after washing your hair and is meant to replace the lost moisture from shampooing. It also smooths the cuticle of your hair, which in turn reduces tangling, increases shine, decreases static, and helps make your hair more manageable. Conditioner is very important for all hair types, but not every conditioner will work for your hair type.

Main rule is: shampoo should be chosen based on your scalp condition, conditioner should be used to treat and enhance the condition of your hair. If your scalp is oily and your ends are dry (which is common), choose shampoo that is best suited for an oily scalp and a conditioner that is best suited to hydrate your dry ends. Why? Like your face, treating the oil condition on your scalp begins with proper cleansing. Introducing the proper moisture back into your hair is done by selecting the right conditioner.
So, when you're browsing for a conditioner, the most important thing is the way the ends of your hair feel to the touch. Do you deal with a lot of static? Does your hair feel dry, damaged, or brittle? Is it oily, limp, or lacking shine? Thankfully, CREAMSILK, for many years, has been treating our hair with the best technology to make it not only soft but also make it healthy. 

From hair care to makeup, Shopee Beauty has all your makeup and skincare needs! Get to enjoy this Shopee Beauty Exclusive - CREAMSILK goes up to 30% off on Shopee! Just visit the official store of UNILEVER BEAUTY OFFICIAL and buy the special promos of CREAMSILK. 

Cream Silk Triple Keratin Ultimate Straight Treatment Crème is the hair mask with the benefits of keratin products in one treatment crème. It has Keratin Serum for healing damage, Keratin Relaxers for taming frizz, and Keratin Essence for restoring extreme dryness. Achieve smoother and softer hair with the hair mask that keeps your hair straight and sleek all day with every wash. The comfort of a spa hair mask right in the comfort of your own home.

NEW Cream Silk®, with our Advanced Hair Reborn Technology, is now infused with Tri-Oleo® Complex: 3 lightweight ultra-nourishing hair oils. It deeply nourishes the weakest areas of the hair fiber, restoring hair back to stronger, smoother, full of life.

- Argan Oil: Helps strengthen hair
- Rosehip Oil: Helps smoothen hair
- Marula Oil: Helps moisturize hair

Hair Fall Defense with Break-Shield Complex is specially designed to make weak and brittle hair stronger from the roots to tips (exposed hair of the scalp). Transform your hair to softer, stronger hair and get up to 98% less hair fall from the 1st wash, based on less breakage observed on lab tests vs non-conditioning shampoo.

Standout Straight with Frizz Defense Complex is specially designed to make unruly and frizzy hair straighter, smoother, and helps reduce frizz, giving you beyond beautiful hair every day. Based on lab tests, Standout Straight repairs and protects for soft and smooth hair with daily usage. Transform your hair up to 4x straighter from the first wash compared to non-conditioning shampoo based on lab test.

Get your hair glowing, shining and healthier with Creamsilk's line of Conditioners and make that ultimate hair reborn. Available at Shopee! 

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