B. Braun Cares Program Paves the Way to Help Indigent Hemodialysis Treatment

Friday, July 09, 2021

Photo shows social workers of the B. Braun Cares program who are responsible for helping process financial assistance from different government institutions.

Living with dialysis can be a huge burden to many people – more so when financial struggles mean regular treatment isn’t possible. The health of indigent dialysis patients is threatened with each treatment missed. Not knowing how and where to seek financial assistance makes their circumstances doubly challenging.

With B. Braun Cares program, the objective is to loosen up the burden that the patients experience every day by hiring social workers. The team is responsible for bridging the gap to address the medical needs of indigent patients helping process financial assistance from different government institutions such as the Department of Social Welfare and Development, Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, the Office of the Vice President, and the Office of the President.

Because their roles greatly impact the most vulnerable, Avitum social workers Marrianne Talan, Marjorie Coligado, and Lhea Balce know how crucial it is to do their jobs well.

Marrianne deeply understands the challenges experienced by renal patients, having seen her mother struggle with dialysis. This is why challenges like traveling 8 hours via sea and land transport to cover her assignments in South Luzon don’t faze her very much. “I decided to become a social worker in healthcare because I saw the immediate need for people like me to address long-term needs like needing regular treatments,” she said.

Not all challenges are as simple as having to travel long distances and compiling documents. The stress of their circumstances can sometimes lead patients to direct their ire towards social workers, with the intent of getting their funds faster. Despite this, Marjorie keeps her chin up. “The work I do in South Luzon impacts the lives of other people – and it’s all worth it for me. Knowing I’m able to make other people’s lives easier makes me feel grateful. I realize I’m living the life I’ve always wanted.”

Lhea agrees with this sentiment. “In my role, I am able to empower, advocate for, and motivate patients and their families. This is my opportunity to change lives and restore hope, in order to help them cope with their situation,” she shares. This is what gives her motivation to promptly process documents and requests in her area in Rizal, Quezon City, and Manila.

While hard at work caring for others, they in turn feel cared for by B. Braun. “I’m able to maintain a work-life balance in my company,” Marjorie shares. “My job allows me to financially provide for and enjoy quality time with my loved ones.” Marianne adds, “I’ve been into several companies before. What makes me stay in B. Braun is the fact that they take care of their employees well.” Lhea feels that she’s able to grow within the company while enjoying the benefits of her employment. “I was looking for an exciting and fast-paced career. B. Braun offers me many opportunities to learn in my field.”

Hiring of social workers to help the employees is one of the unique services that B. Braun Avitum offers. At the end of the day, extending a patient’s life doesn’t come with a price so the company believes that hiring them doesn’t just provide job opportunities but it’s giving more hope to the patients to live more and be happy.

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