A story rich in culture and various kinds of love in the ground-breaking GMA Series 'Legal Wives' premieres July 26!

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Another breakthrough cultural drama series from the GMA Entertainment Group this 2021 is "Legal Wives" where top caliber actors and actress will unite to bring a one of a kind series that will touch your heart and will make you understand more the culture, beliefs and traditions of the Muslim community.

There are many facets to love in the upcoming family drama series Legal Wives. It tells the story of a unique family where a Maranaw man marries three different women for various reasons.

Kapuso Drama King Dennis Trillo takes on a challenging role  of Ismael, a man from a wealthy clan in Lanao which hails from the line of sultans and datus.

Out of obligation, he marries his brother's widow Amirah, played by Alice Dixson.

He soon falls in love with a Christian woman named Diane, played by Andrea Torres and marries her as well.

Ismael finds his third wife in Farrah, played by Bianca Umali, who he marries as a favor to an old friend and to protect the honor of the young woman.

In the Bloggers Conference via Zoom, the main cast Dennis Trillo, Andrea Torres, Bianca Umali and Alice Dixson shared how excited they are with the premiere of Legal Wives. They can't wait for everyone to watch this masterpiece that they did even though they did it in the midst of the pandemic. 

When they watched the final trailer of Legal Wives, they all have the same reaction. It's awe and sheer happiness because it came out more than what they expected.

Cinematography wise, Legal Wives is indeed a masterpiece. Directed by no less than Zig Dulay, we can't expect anything less. The ensemble of cast is perfect, Dennis Trillo will surely give another "markadong role" with this teleserye together with his three leading ladies and aside from that, the supporting cast are also massive. Set design and costume are all very impressive. The language and how immersed the actors in their respective roles is very accurate as well. 

Legal Wives also features Derrick Monasterio, Ashley Ortega, Shayne Sava, Abdul Raman, Pamela Prinster, Kevin Santos, Kiko Matos, and more.

Dennis, Andrea, Bianca and Alice said that they learned a lot from the Muslim community. Before they even went to the Lock-In taping, they researched a lot for their respective roles and they also got the chance to be well bonded with everyone. Because of this project, they were able to know deeply the rich culture of Muslims and how they give their 100% when it comes to their religion.

How will women from different backgrounds and have different motivations share the love of one man who is bound to all of them by the sacred sacrament of matrimony?

Enjoy a story rich in culture and various kinds of love in the ground-breaking GMA Telebabad series Legal Wives.

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