Artopian Internationale makes life-changing possibilities as they sign a partnership with Miss World Philippines

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Miss World Philippines Organization National Director Arnold Vegafria together with Artopian Internationale CEO Oliver Ocampo signed a partnership. Also present were some key officials, Miss World Philippines 2021 candidates and Reigning Reina Hispanoamaericana Filipinas 2019 Katrina Llegado.

Artopian Internationale, a networking company launched this year is partnering with Miss World Philippines. The launch was held last June 23 at Anabel's Tomas Morato.

Artopian Internationale is owned by One Monarchy Holdings, which already operates in the areas of gaming, real estate, construction, tech and aviation. Artopian signals its serious commitment in the multi-level marketing business. Making a difference in the lives of Filipinos affected by the epidemic and one of the world's longest lockdowns is the impetus for the establishment of Artopian Internationale. It is determined to change lives with its pandemic-proof MLM Model.

The event was attended by the media, Entertainment and Pageant bloggers, 10 candidates of Miss World Philippines 2021, Artopian Internationale President Teo Encallado, VP Network Development Simon Obnial, CEO Oliver Ocampo and no less than Miss World Philippines Organization National Director Arnold Vegafria. Health and safety protocols were followed as well as social distancing. 

Artopian Internationale is dedicated to producing beauty and wellness products that will be recognized across the world. It aims to be known globally, establishing the groundwork for future expansions with consistent brand image. 

With the partnership with Miss World Philippines, it shall spring to increase international reach, effectively converting its brand into a global-consumer level. This partnership provides an amazing chance for Artopian brand to expand globally and shall serve as a launch pad for Artopian Internationale to enter the beauty and wellness industry not just in Asia, but across the world.

Key highlights during the Miss World Philippines partnership with Artopian Internationale 

"Networking with Miss World 2021 is a winner's strategy. Through straightforward goals of our partnership. Artopian aims to contribute to the industry rally of establishing and delivering more business and entrepreneurs in the country via beauty and wellness. We hope that this will stimulate the formation of new and stronger relationships among ourselves as we strive to attain the greatest standards of beauty and advocacy.", states Oliver Ocampo, CEO of Artopian Internationale. 

Artopian Internationale Premium products 

Artopian supports beauty with a cause and believes that beauty queens would be an effective advocate of worthy causes. Tens of thousands of individuals are considering creating their own businesses today and for a good cause. Artopian is here to help by providing new ways for them to sustain themselves and find additional tools for maintaining this shared business. It addresses an issue while also having a social effect. 

Check out the ten Miss World Philippines 2021 candidates who were present during the launch

Anna Carres De Mesa 
Janelle Lewis
Michelle Arceo
Ganiel Krishnan
Emmanuelle Vera 
Tracy Maureen Perez
Riana Agatha Pangindian
Dindi Pajares
Tatyana Alexi Austria
Lea Macapagal 

The Miss World Philippines (MWP) grand coronation night is set for July 25, 2021. Although it will be a different presentation this time around because of the pandemic, the beauty pageant's cause is still the same and highlights more their slogan "Beauty with a purpose" now more than ever because of the recent crisis and the pandemic still looming. The 45 candidates who came from different provinces and cities in the country are vying for the most coveted crown of Miss World Philippines plus Miss Supranational, Reina Hispanoamericana, Miss Eco International, Miss Eco Teen International, and Miss Tourism.

Also present during the launch is Reinahispanoamericana Filipinas 2019 Katrina Llegado.

Ms. Katrina Llegado said that she supports all the candidates and wishes them well in the competition, she reminded them that their greatest competitor is not the other ladies but their own self. They must learn to focus on their goal and remain true to their advocacy. Meanwhile, she is also busy helping her city, Taguig in promoting safe and healthy protocols and at the same time urges everyone to be vaccinated for immunity against Covid-19. 

For more details about Miss World Philippines, visit their Official Facebook Page and Instagram account. Also check out the Official Facebook page of Artopian Internationale and their Instagram account

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