How to REGISTER and EARN in AFFILIATE MARKETING: The Best & Easiest Way

Monday, May 24, 2021

A lot of people nowadays have been struggling to make ends meet ever since the pandemic started. When the world was hit by the contagious Covid-19, the economy was hit hard and the result was of course massive job loss, a lot of companies shut down while others need to lay off their employees to shorten the cost of man power. The result? More people are stuck at home and needs to find a decent work that can pay their bills, food supply and more.

Filipinos are known to be internet savvy, we always dominate when it comes to polls, surveys, online voting and more, so what better way to earn easy money than to use this privilege, if you love social media and being online makes you happy then why not add earning money with that as well? 

This is where AFFILIATE MARKETING comes in. This type of marketing involves hiring people to promote your product and rewarding them for their efforts on a commission basis—this is an effective strategy that brands employ to improve sales. Quite often, it’s better used in tandem other marketing outreach strategies.

Affiliate marketing usually involves a partnership between a business and an affiliate to help promote the sale of their product, with the retailer agreeing to pay a commission to the affiliate marketer for every sale they drive.

For online-based businesses, the affiliate uses a unique link that’s created to track traffic that’s directed to the site. The affiliate gets a certain percentage of sales made through those links.

The best affiliate marketing that I can suggest right now is connected to Shopee and Lazada because they are the top online shops in the internet, most people order online now and they get a lot of options plus they offer amazing deals and free shipping as well.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in the Philippines?

To start promoting LAZADA and SHOPEE products and start earning, you need to create our Affiliate Marketing Account.

1. Account Registration

Open the Registration Form and follow the step below so can create your account easily.

  • Step 1: Property Info
    Property URL: Paste Your Facebook Page Copy Link/URL.
    *if you don’t have a Page, you can create one or use your Facebook profile or group instead.
    Name of Property: Any name you want.
    Channel: Select > Content.
    What is your Property about > Explain all about your Page.
  • Step 2: Property Category
    Country: Select > Philippines
    Type of advertiser: Select > Pay per sale
    Property Category: Input what category of your Page. Ex: Technology
    Traffic Acquisition Method: Select > Display Network, Lead Generation, and Network.
    Ad Format: Select > Mechant Page, Text Links, Facebook Page.
  • Step 3: Premium Inventory
    Just Click ‘NO then ‘Next‘.
  • Step 4: Personal Information
    Just input your email and desire password. You can log in to your account immediately even your account is still in progress for approval. Just make sure you use a valid email address.
Step 5: Check your email to confirm your Registration
After the submission, double-check your email if you received a message from Involve Asia. This email is needed to confirm your account, so you can able to log in to the Involve Asia Dashboard. 

*If you can’t see the email, you can check it in the spam folder.
Note: After submission, it takes at least 24-48 hours before they approve your request. The management will check your URL property, if it’s legitimate to access the Involve Asia affiliate features and start promoting.
But hold on, your submitted property has a chance to be rejected. So, make sure your site or page has good traffic or content. If your submitted property got rejected, you can request another approval if you already resolved the issue.

2. Apply for Lazada and Shopee Affiliate Program
Find ‘Partner’ on Menu then click ‘Advertiser Directory’ on your Involve Asia dashboard, this menu will list all of the available e-commerce sites you can promote.
You can find Lazada and Shopee on the shopping tab section. You can also apply to other sites if you want to promote their products.

If you already find the shop you want to promote, just click the apply button, for the submission of your affiliate request of this specific shop. E.g. Lazada Affiliate application

If the advertiser ask these questions below, just follow the inputs for your reference. In this example I used my Facebook Page"YOUR FB PAGE" and I promote affiliates by posting content on Facebook.

If you finished, just click the save button then just wait for notification if Lazada or Shopee approved your affiliate application. It takes at least 24- 48 hours upon request.

Now, if you get your account approved, it’s time to start your journey on affiliate marketing.

Register now and Start earning! 🤑

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