Comedy Queen AiAi Delas Alas launches fun cooking videos for HOBE Quick Cook Noodles and her own YouTube Channel

Friday, April 23, 2021

The undisputed Comedy Queen Ms. AiAi Delas Alas remains to be one of the most trusted celebrities when it comes to endorsements and up until now, she is the trusted Brand Ambassador of HOBE Quick Cook Noodles

During the Bloggers Conference held today, April 23, 2021, Ms. AiAi shared that this is one of the things she is very thankful of, having projects and endorsements despite of the Covid-19 pandemic. She feels very blessed that they still trust her to endorse their brand especially HOBE who she'd been endorsing for many years now. Among other things she is thankful of, she is also very grateful that she and her family are healthy. 

Ms. AiAi said that, she never failed to pray for her and her family's safety because fame and money can never save anyone from Covid-19, at this rate, she said her faith and prayers will continue and she wishes that this pandemic will end soon. 

Video snippet of Ms. AiAi via her TikTok account

Because of the pandemic, Ms. AiAi shared that she has been keeping herself busy by doing some household chores, keeping herself healthy by having an active lifestyle (workout, gym) and eating healthy plus turning her home into a Helly Kitty themed House. Check out a snippet of pink room above. 

She said she will have a home tour soon on her vlog/YouTube Channel. According to her, it's been one of her dreams to have a Hello Kitty themed home, she also started collecting Hello Kitty stuff and the color pink all over their house gives her a feeling of calmness and happiness as well. She added that this feeling makes keeps her away from stress that she recently overcome because of the ongoing crisis wherein she experienced massive hair loss. 

Even before the Community Pantry became a big hit so that everyone will have a chance to help one another, Ms. AiAi Delas Alas has been one of the pure hearted celebrities who never wavered in helping those in need and we're talking about years before, she is known to have helped several parish churches plus some of her co-workers in the entertainment industry. According to her, we're all the same in this crisis, she feels blessed that she was able to save and have some continuous projects but she also experienced have none and would rely to counting coins just to pay for their necessities. 

The comedy queen is recently part of GMA Network's "Owe My Love" with Lovi Poe and Benjamin Alves, she said that she really missed her co-actors in the said teleserye, they instantly bonded during their lock-in tapings plus she confided that doing comedy projects will always be her first love although she is open to doing dramatic roles for movies. She has several projects line up in GMA Network which includes The Clash Season 4, a sitcom and more which are secret for now plus endorsements and her own business venture as well. 

AiAi Delas Alas will be doing a cooking series featuring dishes that she can cook using HOBE Quick Cook noodles, you can watch the first one now via her official Instagram account where she cooked Pancit Palabok. 

She will also feature HOBE on her recently launched YouTube account where she does several concepts of fun activities with her family. She also shared that she is the one who conceptualizes her videos with the help of her daughter. So, don't forget to subscribe now! 

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