Meet the Asia's Icon, Prince Clifford Allen Estrala and his singing career amidst the pandemic

Friday, March 12, 2021

Before Covid-19 pandemic started and the aftermath of the virus: lockdown plus restriction in all public activities, Asia's icon Prince Clifford Allen Estrala has a line up of shows and guestings outside the country specifically in Japan, Singapore and other countries abroad. The first show on his list should've been in Italy unfortunately it was cancelled because of the rising cases of COVID-19.

Clifford said that it was depressing to see the aftermath of the pandemic, people are now required to wear face masks and face shields, following the government health protocols and so on compared to the life before COVID-19, it's really nit the same as the way we are used to, this is the "New Normal" and we should get used to it for our own safety.

Nowadays, Clifford is also busy in the Social Media industry, he does shows virtually in YouTube, Facebook and other online sites. For those who wants to watch him perform and hear his voice live, they can tune in and subscribe via his YouTube Channel PRINCE CLIFFORD ESTRALA OFFICIAL. You can also support his Social Media Editor and Publisher Bryan Fajardo via his YouTube Channel KABAEBRYAN.

Clifford said that all his YouTube earnings will be donated to his chosen charities in the Philippines because it has been his mission as well to help those who are in need.

Currently, he is in San Francisco, U.S. and when asked if he will be vaccinated anytime soon, he answered, "Maybe I’ll become a Zombie, just kidding!" "Basically I'm afraid of injection but because of the number of tattoos in my body, I’m not scared anymore and I also  took the vaccine  twice and slightly I really feel not quite good. I need to take the vaccine because of my family and friends and if ever I'll be given a chance to go home in the Philippines, or if there will be shows locally." He added that he knows a lot of requirements are now needed when you travel internationally and even locally, you need to pass certain documents before you can enter different states or regions.

Clifford said that he feels very lucky and blessed to be given an opportunity to connect with different people across the world virtually. He enjoys posting covers through his social media accounts like Facebook and YouTube.

It's hard, he said. If you look and think outside the box, thinking positive thoughts and being strong, we will overcome and fight this Pandemic.  "I just want to share  to eveybody out there that please keep this in mind that we experience ups and downs but we should always stay strong to make it happen and let's take solution and make a difference." He added that prayers and being thankful at all times can heal the whole nation.

In 2010,  Erik Santos breathe into life the story of Clifford Allen Estrala in Maalaala Mo Kaya.  Clifford later on mounted a successful homecoming concert entitled Voices From Asia. The event was held at Metro Bar, West Avenue in Quezon City.

One of Clifford's achievement in his singing career is when he got nominated as Best New Male Recording Artist in 2013 PMPC Star Awards for Music for his album "If Only In My Dream".

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