Marinella Moran gears up with a showbiz comeback as an actress and a producer

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

It seems like the Entertainment industry has been welcoming a lot of showbiz comebacks and one of them is no less than Filipina actress Marinella Moran who was active in the industry in the late 1900s. 

Marinella Moran started acting for Seiko Films when she was only 13. One of her remarable films was "Paraiso ni Efren" which was directed by Maryo J. Delos Reyes. She was nominated in this film for best new actress in showbiz.

For quite some time, she has been staying in Singapore but her home will always be Manila and showbizness will always have a special place in her heart. "Show business will always be a big part of my life. There's one person who keeps encouraging me to comeback. I think I am smart and I am still beautiful. He says showbiz really runs in my blood. hahaha! So why not try again? I miss the people in Manila who I used to work with," Moran said.

Marinella gave up her promising career in 2005 after she got married and focussed her life to her family and started a small business in Singapore. It was hard for her that time to adjust to a private and quiet life from being in the spotlight but she managed well. She would occasionally visit Manila and in the future, would also love to settle in her home country as well. 

Currently, she has several offers and projects line up for her showbiz comeback according to her new talent manager Tatta Saguin, also a national pageant director. According to her she is very excited to be part of an upcoming film details to follow soon. 

Not only is she gearing up for acting but she is also poised to produce two movies (hopefully Netflix) together with talent manager Lito De Guzman. She wants to get top caliber actresses like Jaclyn Jose, Andi Eigenmann, Lotlot de Leon, Jean Garcia, Chanda Romero, Rosanna  Roces. She has been a big fan of Jaclyn Jose and would love to act with her in a heavy scene, she also plans to get Andi Eigenmann as a lead actress because she is a versatile actress who lives a simple life.

When asked who among the actors today she would love to work with, she quickly answered, "Derek Ramsey, nakita ko ‘yung movie niya  na “No Other Woman,” ang galing-galing.Madadala niya ‘yung  kaeksena niya sa acting,” She also mentioned Paulo Avelino and Alden Richards. She described Alden as, "Yummy! Puwedeng pahiram ito isang gabi lang?,” she said jokingly. 

So, what made Marinella decide to have a showbiz comeback? According to her, when the pandemic started and there's been a lockdown, she got the chance to watch her movie again "Paraiso ni Efren" and it made her realize she really miss acting and would love to do it again. She is even willing to accept Mother roles as well or any role fit for her that will challenge her as an actress.

She is also excited for her 2 year old baby to be part of the limelight, his name is Alexander Robin Hardman, Marinella’s adorable son. He’s 70% German and 25% Filipino born in Singapore. She plans to have a VTR for him so that he can do a commercial or print model in the future. 

She may have been living in Singapore but she will always be a Filipina actress at heart, she is excited to be in Manila soon and because of that she has been vaccinated for COVID-19 and still waiting for her second shot of vaccine and also in the Entertainment industry. 

Watch out for Marinella Moran soon. 

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