It's Women's Month! Meet FE MENDOZA YAMAGUCHI, a trusted Facebook Live seller of Pre-loved luxury items

Monday, March 08, 2021

Even before the pandemic begun, online selling, specifically on Facebook is already booming. Philippines will not be included in the top countries where social media dominates if this is not the case, because aside from fun it gives, Filipinos use this platform for business as well. 

Filipinos can easily engage in what is new and trending in social media. That’s why a lot of online shopping is now one of the popular in social media. In just one click you can order what product you want, what food you want to eat, and what kind of service you need. Everything you need is in online apps and no need to go outside spend a lot of traffic in the street before you can go to a mall and buy the things that you need. Modern technology really helps us not only in our work but also in our daily life. It really gives us an idea of what is the latest brand up to the discount sales of the product. All business in the Philippines uses social media for them to introduce their product and what kind of business they have.

This is where Fe Mendoza Yamaguchi comes in. She is a resident of Japan but born in the city of Pines Baguio City. She specializes in selling Pre-loved Luxury items like Louis Vuitton bags, Rolex watches, diamonds and more. All are authentic items and good as new. Before they sell it online, they make it sure that the items are restored to its original state and that the new owner will surely love it even more. 

These are some of the items that Ms. Fe Mendoza Yamaguchi are selling on Facebook, some are already sold but stocks are always pouring in depending on the demand.

She has been dubbed as the "LV Queen" because she started selling it ten years ago then she thought of mixing different luxury items because the demand is rising. 

During the zoom interview with Ms. Fe, she narrated the ups and downs of being a women entrepreneur, which is a perfect topic since March is Women's Month. There are more and more Women who are recognized worldwide for being on top of their fields and Ms. Fe is definitely one of them. Despite the struggles and tough competition o line, she manages to be one of the most trusted when it comes to selling authentic pre-loved luxury items on Facebook, although occasionally, she also sells brand new items.

One of her challenges is meeting bogus buyers and being scammed online, these happens and the advice she gave was simple, learn from that mistake and start anew. You wouldn't last in this type of business if you're weak and soft hearted. You have to be strong-willed and always with a happy disposition so that positive vibes will also radiate in your business.  

If you're also a fan of Rolex watches, LV bags, jewelries and other luxury items then Ms. Fe Mendoza Yamaguchi is the right person to contact because these items are the perfect investment nowadays. Not only are they the top brand anyone can dream of, you can also use it in the future in case you needed money or for your own collection. Plus, you can trust the right person because she sells only authentic items. 

Like her official Facebook page FE'S PRECIOUS TREASURE where pre-loved sparkle and tune in for Ms. Fe Mendoza Yamaguchi's LIVE online selling to know more! 

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