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Friday, January 29, 2021

Transitional Wear
A growing shift towards online communication growth has changed lifestyles in myriad ways. In fashion, effortless style is now mainstream because the boundaries between home and places of work or study have been blurred, making comfort even more important. On top of that, a rising interest in splitting time between living in cities during weekdays and in the countryside on weekends and the slow living movement have focused more attention on flexible style and more functional beauty in line with more adaptable work practices. Fabrics and textures for more active lifestyles and easy-care cleaning are imperative when choosing clothes. Now more than ever, people need everyday items that fit their lifestyles.

Key items
One-piece wonder for any occasion, or even for everyday wear. Comes in different colors, silhouettes and material that suits any lifestyle and situation.

Rayon Blouse
The Rayon Blouse is wrinkle-resistant and holds up even after washing for Easy Care. It comes in various lengths of sleeves and necklines, so you can use it in a variety of situations, from business to casual.

U Crew Neck T-Shirt
This item has a trendy, relaxed silhouette that can be worn both by men and women. It is made with sturdy heavy cotton cloth material made from low-count yarn and compact knit. This classic T-shirt is simple yet modern, and comes in sophisticated colors that is unique to the UNIQLO U collection.

Our jean line-up employs the technology from Toray and UNIQLO. They are light and stretchy and can quickly wick away sweat to maximize comfort. The jeans incorporate nylon to remain colorfast wash after wash.

Smart Ankle Pants
Improved with two-way stretch fabric for stress-free comfort. Resin is also included on the center pleats to help keep the pants crisp, even after washing. These pants are wrinkle-resistant, for easy care and cleaning.

Oxford Shirt
Made with 100% cotton Oxford material and special yarn to achieve premium and comfortable feel. It is perfect for both dressy and casual wear. 

Extra Fine Cotton
Made from extra-fine cotton, which is a high-quality material. A basic, yet stylish shirt, that is perfect for any occasion. It has a slightly looser fit that is on trend, for easier movement.  

KANDO Pants & Shorts
KANDO bottoms are made from unique material that uses a particularly thread, developed together with Toray. It has a classy texture that feels like light wool, so it is perfect for both formal and business occasions.  

Fresh Air & Fit
Clean air and water in your environment are essential for healthy lifestyles. People are spending more time outside cities to immerse themselves in nature. Walking or cycling are part of a healthy daily routine for many. We offer simple, easy-wear designs that keep people comfortable and feeling great while exercising and enjoying everyday life. 

Key items
Features Dry-EX technology that dries sweat and moisture very quickly. This material keeps you comfortable even when working out, running errands or keeping an active lifestyle.  

Ultra Stretch (Hoodie, Pants, Shorts)
Amazingly stretchy and quick-drying. This Ultra Stretch material stretches in all direction that offers complete freedom of movement. It also has quick-dry DRY technology that keeps you comfortable even after sweating.

AIRism (Innerwear, Tops, Bottoms, Outerwear)
AIRism is developed with DRY, Cool Touch, moisture-wicking, odor-controlling and anti-deodorizing functions. AIRism material is also made out of stretch fabric that is smooth and comfortable against the skin.

Functional Outerwear (Blocktech, Pocketable UV Protection, Reversible)
Blocktech Parka is windproof, water-resistant, and moisture-permeable for stay-fresh comfort. It has exceptional stretch for ease of movement.

Pocketable UV Protection Parka is designed with durable water-repellant coating and UV cut (UPF40) feature for UV protection. It has a pocketable design that folds in a small pouch for easy carrying. 

Reversible Parka is designed for either a sporty or casual look. It has a smooth jersey material lining that allows it to be worn comfortably over a T-shirt or on its own

Homes are transitioning from quarters for resting and living into places of comfort and healing. Spending more time at home has made many more interested in better managing that time and arranging everything for more fulfilling and enjoyable days. Pursuing workouts, cooking, and other interests and communicating through games and social media are just some of many ways to spend time usefully at home. Choosing room wear that is relaxing and neat as well as highly functional accessories also improves the quality of life at home and enables people to unwind there. Comfort is pivotal because the boundaries between what people do outside and inside their homes are becoming socially blurred. 

Key items
Relax Ankle Pants 
Designed to be more than just loungewear. It is made with 100% cotton in a relaxed tapered cut, perfect for around the house and your neighborhood. 

Sweats (Hoodies, Pants)
Sweat Hoodies have a modern but relaxed silhouette made with soft pile lining. The fabric is thick enough for outerwear, but thin enough to be worn as an inner layer. Sweatpants are also made with a neat-looking silhouette that has made it more comfortable to wear around the waist. 

AIRism Bed Sheets and Pillow Case
The AIRism fabric keeps you comfortable and feeling fresh even if you sweat so you can get a good night’s sleep. These items dry quickly and are easy to care for after washing.

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