Host A Stress-Free Intimate Family Christmas Dinner With These Simple Tips

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The holiday season is upon us, and it is the perfect time to wind down and spend quality time with loved ones. With celebrations, events, and travel being put on hold and large-scale gatherings no longer feasible, 2020 year-end festivities are set to look vastly different from past years.

Holiday entertaining for sure can be stressful and daunting, especially for the first time or with little experience of being hosts. With all the work that goes into cooking, cleaning, and merry-making to achieve a memorable and festive affair, here are some household and easy kitchen tips that homeowners can try for that intimate yet memorable gathering.

  1. Choose the right cleaning tools

From scrubbing floors to decluttering mess, make every area spotless with the Samsung Jet Cyclone Stick Vacuum. It’s a lightweight cordless stick vacuum cleaner that makes vacuuming as effortlessly as possible, thanks to its Digital Inverter Motor that sustains an industry-leading suction power of up to 150W and a highly-efficient battery that delivers up to 60-minute run time. 

The Jet Cyclone Stick Vacuum is also highly versatile, with a variety of attachments to clean different types of surfaces—using the soft action brush for hard floors, turbo action brush for carpets, combination tool for curtains, sofas, and even the tabletops. 

It can turn into a mop by switching to its Spinning Sweeper to easily clean off the inevitable spill of beverages during dinner. 

Of course, for final touches before the start of all the festivities, be sure to turn on the Samsung 90 sqm Air Purifier to get rid of all the unwanted kitchen smell. With its 3 Way Airflow, purifying wide areas can be done much more quickly, reaching from corner to corner. It also has a multi-layered purification system designed to capture airborne particles, harmful gases, and inhibit the spread of captured bacteria. The level of air pollution can even be checked with its Numeric Display, and the 4-Color Indicator can show the level of air cleanliness and can dictate if everything’s all set and ready!

  1. Plan the menu and the holiday activities beforehand 

At least a week before Christmas, it’s ideal to have the holiday menu planned, and grocery shopping out of the way already. It’s a good thing that Samsung’s Family Hub™ has the Recipes & Meal Planner feature, as well as the Shopping List to make the pre-preparation less stressful. 

With the Shopping List App, needed pantry items can be added in the Shopping List with just a simple touch or voice command. List can also be synchronized with the phone, so it’s accessible anytime anywhere. The Recipes and Meal Planner can also be of great help! Depending on what’s available inside the fridge, the Meal Planner can even recommend delicious recipes with just simple instructions. 

Running out of fridge space will also not be a problem because the SpaceMax Technology™ enables the walls of the refrigerator to be much thinner using high-efficiency insulation. So it creates more space inside without increasing the external dimensions or compromising energy efficiency.

Also, start playing those Christmas playlists with the Spotify feature. Enjoy preparing in the kitchen while singing along to holiday classics, or better yet, use it as the ambient entertainment for the dinner party. 

  1. Take advantage of multi purpose cooking appliances

One more great thing about having to host a dinner for a small-sized party, is the fact that food can be prepared in small batches, and it’s a great opportunity to whip up different dishes. 

With the Samsung 35L Smart Oven, one can choose from so many cooking options. Air Fry, Grill, Bake, Steam, Microwave, and even Ferment can be done in a single oven. And with the HotBlast™ technology, perfectly grilled food can be enjoyed much faster. It’s because powerful hot air is blown through multiple air-holes directly onto the food, cooking it more evenly. 

Samsung Digital Appliances’ 35L Smart Oven 

For crispy and fried food staples on the holiday menu, the Air Fry function is the way to go. With hot air circulation and a heated crusty plate, food can come out juicy inside and crispy outside with only a touch of oil. Say goodbye to greasy pans and oil splatters! Cleaning the oven wouldn’t also be a tedious task because with the Smart Oven’s Ceramic Inside, its smooth and sanitary surface can be cleaned without scrubbing. It can even prevent bacteria from spreading, lasts longer, and won’t discolor over time.

The holiday season is mainly a time to bond with loved ones, so let go of worries, enjoy the process, and just keep in mind these helpful household tips.

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