Mister Global 2019 Ricky Gumera sizzles in his debut film as Kyle in Anak ng Macho Dancer

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

21 years old Mister Global Philippines 2019 Ricky Gumera had a colorful life fit to be featured in Magpakailanman or Maalaala Mo Kaya and he is willing to also portray himself if given the chance to do so.

Without any hesitations or sheer of embarrassment about his past, he narrated how poor he is which is why this gave him the determination to work hard and fulfill his dreams. Ricky Gumera admitted that he lives in slums. He was brought up by his grand parents and was supposed to be put on adoption by his mother, thankfully his grand parents came right on time. He has 10 siblings, all with different fathers and the highlight of it all - he doesn't even know his father's name. All he knows is "Jun".

Watch Ricky Gumera's interview during his very own Media Conference 

Despite of all his struggles in life, he never wavered. As a child, he remembered working and studying all at the same time. His grand mother is a "labandera" and he helped by being a dish washer at the nearest palengke, he would study using a candle since they don't have electricity. He worked different jobs as he grew up. From junk shop to delivery boy until he reached college. He took up BS Marine Transportation at Philippine Merchant Marine School in Las Piñas and was a scholar. He is also a Varsity player of volleyball and also does ballroom dancing. When he became a model, he was trained by  Meg Perez under the Mega Models Events and Talent Management.

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Ricky said that he is still adjusting into being an actor from doing pageants and modelling. The 5'11 upcoming star will play the role of "Kyle" in ANAK NG MACHO DANCER. He knew that he needed to exert his 200% effort as he debuts in the film by the one and only Joel Lamangan which will premiere this December before MMFF 2020.

Ricky shared he still can't believe that he was able to work with no less than Joel Lamangan, he learned a lot from him. From being professional at work and knowing how to listen and being focused at work. He added that he couldn't believe a new commer like him will be able to worked with award-winning stars Jaclyn Jose, Jay Manalo, and Emilio Garcia. Ricky will play the role of Jay Manalo's son which is perfect because there's a big similarity between the two and Ricky is being tagged as the next Totoy Mola.

Masaya silang maka-trabaho at marami akong natutunan. Ang  madalas kong ka-eksena po ay sina Ms Jaclyn, Sir Jay, Sir Emilio. Si Sir Allan Paule po  hindi ko naka-eksena pero nakakasama ko sa set. Si Ms. Rosanna Roces, hindi ko talaga nakita."

To prepare for the movie, he attended an acting workshop under Ruby Ruiz (Best Actress, Cinemalaya).

The original ‘Macho Dancer’ in the late 80’s was directed by Lino Brocka, written by Ricky Lee and starred by Allan Paule and Daniel Fernando. 

Ricky shared he was very thankful to Joed Serrano for the opportunity of being part of this remarkable film.

Aside from being part of the movie, Joed also gave him an early Christmas gift which is a house and lot. This is perfect because he can now start a new life with his family and a new car as well. According to Joed, Ricky deserved all of it because he is hard working and he can see the potential of the new comer. Some of Ricky's earnings will just be deducted to pay for the house because Joed promised to Ricky and the other new comers who were part of Anak ng Macho Dancer that whatever the film will earn in the long run will be divided by 6 Joed included. After getting Ricky's talent fee, he donated some to their church and treated his family out for dinner. 

To answer some of the speculations about Ricky, he answered with a smile that yes, he has been getting indecent proposals and a lot of admiration but to be frank, he said, if he ever accepted it, he would have been living a splendid life right now if he did accept it which means he turned down a lot. 

Ricky was also asked if ever Joed was single, would he like Joed and would be willing to be his boyfriend. Without qualms and hesitation, he swiftly said "YES, WHY NOT?". He said, Joed is such a loving and generous person, at his stature in life, no one - straight man/woman or gay would pass the opportunity to be part of Joed's life but the question he said, "Is he Joed's type of man?". 

Mega Producer Joed Serrano shared details about the film and more. 

Joed, who was also present during Ricky's Media Conference answered this, among the boys part of Anak ng Macho Dancer, his top favorite is Ricky Gumera and if he was single, yes, he would like to be Ricky's boyfriend. But right now, he is very committed and loyal to someone. Joed Serrano will also have a biopic soon as well, you'll know soon who will portray his life story plus there will be a lot of sizzling revelations as well. 

Don't miss ANAK NG MACHO DANCER which will have a premiere night soon this December at UP Film Center (Director's Cut). Anak ng Macho Dancer is under Godfather Production in cooperation with Blackwater. 

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