Here's an Exciting World TV Day Exclusive from Devant

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

A World TV Day Celebration would be incomplete without an awesome offer on an amazing TV. As it takes the lead in celebrating this global observance in the Philippines, Devant has something huge planned especially for the occasion. 

From November 20-22, 2020, you get a free SBX-60 2.1Ch Soundbar Speaker System with Built-in Subwoofer for every purchase of a Devant 65UHD201Smart 4k TV at P35,450. On these days, you can also get a SB-50 2.0Ch Soundbar Speaker System when you buy a Devant 55UHD201 Smart 4k TV at P24,450 or a 50UHD201 Smart 4k TV at P20,450, from leading online dealer sites nationwide.

All of these Smart 4k TVs are loaded with fantastic features, including:

  • Quantum Ultra HD 3840x2160 for ultra high-definition pictures with an image resolution of 3840x2160, equivalent to 8.3 megapixels

  • Vidaa U Operating System, where you can access your favorite content providers such as Netflix and YouTube, download fun apps, and watch live TV

  • VEWD App Store, an HTML5-based storefront featuring exciting apps for watching videos, listening to music, social networking, playing games, and gathering the latest news and information, optimized for TV

  • HDR Compatibility that expands the TV’s contrast ratio and color palette for a more realistic and natural image

  • Bluetooth Connectivity that allows you to connect your mobile devices to your TV, or your TV to a speaker without the need for any cables

  • Anyview Cast, which allows you to wirelessly sync a mobile phone, tablet or other gadget to your TV, with a screen mirroring function that lets you view media from your device on a larger screen

By celebrating the World TV Day in the Philippines, Devant pays tribute to all that the television has done to transform our lives in these modern times. Beyond being recognized as an ambassador for the entertainment industry, the TV is also a powerful medium for learning, and a means for many to connect to the world. As it continues to bring meaningful content and information to millions of homes, its social relevance and influence grows exponentially as well. 

Don’t miss the exclusive World TV Day offer from Devant, available in leading online dealer sites nationwide from November 20-22, 2020.

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