Design meets function: Why Samsung The Frame TV is Atelier Almario-approved

Monday, November 16, 2020

With their keen eye and sophisticated standards for style, power-duo Ivy and Cynthia Almario of Atelier Almario are among the country’s most notable interior designers. With over 20 years of experience, and prominent projects such as Astoria Boracay, Movenpick Cebu, and Midas Hotel Manila under their belt, the Almario sisters are what you’d consider the epitome of style and elegance in interior design. 

Most experts tout a code for their craft. For the Almarios, that included not having a TV in the living room. The sisters claim that you could style a room thoughtfully, but as soon as you add a television, the room’s overall design is immediately disrupted by a big black box. This is why the Almarios do not advise placing a TV in their designed living room spaces. That was before The Frame, Samsung’s premier lifestyle TV, came into the picture and made them rethink their design principles. 

How The Frame changed the minds of the Almario Sisters about TV
What struck the Almarios first upon unboxing The Frame was its unconventional design. “It was so thin and sleek! I was able to incorporate it seamlessly into our living room,” says Cynthia. With its innate ability to lay flush against the wall with no visible gap, The Frame fit in with their gallery wall perfectly. The Frame’s interchangeable bezels, available in white, beige, brown, and black, allowed the designers to easily customize the look of the TV to fit a room’s style. 

After setting up the TV, they were met with another surprise – The Frame isn’t the typical eyesore of a black box. With its Art Mode function, the screen displays beautiful artworks when the TV is turned off further enhancing a room’s design. Samsung’s Art Store offers a myriad of famous paintings to choose from, and there is also an option to display personal photos to turn a plain wall into an instant gallery. Their rule on TVs, the Almarios found, could now be broken. 

The Frame can be paired with the Studio Stand, a unique TV stand formed like an easel, to ramp up The Frame’s work-of-art look. As Ivy puts it, “you won’t be able to tell that it’s a TV unless you look closely enough.”  

More than its elegant design, The Frame is a smarter Smart TV
To the Almarios’ delight, the viewing experience on The Frame wasn’t sacrificed in spite of its design elements. On top of Samsung’s signature picture quality, The Frame is packed with premium features to make it a smarter Smart TV. For instance, Adaptive Picture adjusts the brightness and contrast on the screen automatically, based on the light detected in the room. Bixby Voice Assistant made entertainment more accessible by simply using their voice. “Bixby was there to provide what my family and I wanted to watch, be it Disney for my kids, or K-Drama for our mom,” said Cynthia.

Design plus function
At the core of the Almario’s design philosophy are design and function. When combined, “the outcome is brilliant relevance.” The sisters’ experience with The Frame reversed their long-standing rule to always avoid placing a TV in the living room space. “Samsung’s The Frame is a clever mix of technology, function, and form. The design is a true game-changer,” notes Ivy. Atelier-Almario approved, The Frame is the perfect fit for any stylish home. 

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