Thursday, October 29, 2020

Boy Abunda together with Podcast Network Asia launched “Who are you when no one’s watching?” today. 

Well-known and widely beloved for being the King of Talk, Boy Abunda, or “Tito Boy” as he is more popularly known has been at the helm of his titular talk shows over the years, such as "The Bottomline with Boy Abunda" and "Tonight with Boy Abunda." 

With the foray into digital, audio on-demand format, he now steps away from the stage lights, the grand production, and the multi-camera setup to do what he does best: talk.

“Doing interviews takes courage – the courage to ask and answer questions, to open a part of yourself, to let down your guard, and to be real. In those few minutes, and sometimes long hours, my guests whether unconsciously or not reveal themselves,”
says Tito Boy.

“In this podcast, I want to continue doing that. But this time, there are no extra bright lights, no 5-camera setup, no myriad of staff and crew members on the set. In fact, no one is watching.” 

The choice to do a more intimate approach for the show makes the best use of the medium. “Who are you when no one’s watching?” feels like a private conversation that you stumbled upon and felt lucky enough to have been invited to listen in to. 

“Because you’ll all be listening to a more intimate, relaxed, and insightful conversation with a whole range of guests. It has been said that we reveal our true selves when no one is watching – when there are no prying eyes, no faces of judgement, no crowds to please, that’s the kind of vibe I want to create in this podcast.”

His guests are atypical of what you’d expect from a “talk show” and their stories unfold under the mesmerizing cadence of Tito Boy’s voice. 

“This is a proud moment for us in Podcast Network Asia. We are thankful for the trust that Tito Boy and his team has put in us, and we are excited to see the impact it will have on the industry.”

With about 31M Filipinos already listening to podcasts and over a hundred locally-produced shows, the interest in podcasting is expected to grow even more. For instance, globally, there is an estimated 1M podcasts and podcast ads have grown exponentially along with it. 

“Who are you when no one’s watching?” is a milestone for the local podcast industry, a nod to the legitimacy of the medium which is expected to pave the way for more celebrity-led shows.

Listen on Spotify now! For more details and updates, like their official Facebook page

Podcast Network Asia is a media and tech company that aims to make podcast listening mainstream by creating and curating the region’s best audio content and reinforce its value through an AI-powered podcast analytlics platform, Podmetrics. 

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