MAVY AND CASSY LEGASPI: Breakthroughs in the new normal, Penshoppe Endorsers

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

For Legaspi Twins Mavy and Cassy, time is precious. Even in quarantine, the two make sure that every moment counts as they juggle their career, studies, and personal lives.

They are currently taping 'Sarap, 'Di Ba? Bahay Edition' at home together with their mom Carmina Villarroel and dad Zoren Legaspi, who is also the director for the show's new format.

Cassy shared a few bits of their experience adapting to work in the new normal, "Sarap ’Di Ba? Bahay Edition feels like a training ground for Mavy and I. Direk Z (tatay) trains us to speak in Tagalog more and with “technical stuff” when it comes to the show. I feel for my dad kasi alam ko kung pagod kaming tatlo, what more my dad who is behind and in front of the cam."

She is also gearing up for her role in the upcoming GMA primetime series 'First Yaya,' where she will be acting alongside Gabby Concepcion, Pancho Magno and Sanya Lopez. For this project, Cassy will be paired with JD Domagoso.

"My prep for First Yaya is continuing to workout and eating healthier as much as possible. I also started drinking vitamins to boost my immune system so that I’m stronger once taping starts. I’m watching Filipino movies/shows as well as reading my old script. I’m super excited and nervous at the same time since it's my first drama show and of course because of the adjustments I have to make due to COVID."

Mavy, on the other hand, focuses on getting back in shape for his new projects. Aside from starring in the morning talk show, he's also busy with endorsement shoots as well as his performances on GMA's weekend variety show 'All-Out Sundays.'

"When the pandemic came, I lost my rhythm but then I realized projects still came left and right and I needed to get back in shape. It was easy though since the whole family loves to workout in our own mini home gym. Honestly, we bond that way, we all love to workout since it’s our stress reliever and we find joy in it. I contacted my trainer and he gave me a personalized meal plan and personalized workouts and from there I just found the discipline to work towards my goal."

Mavy also narrated how they are coping to attending online classes while they work, "I’m glad though that there are online classes since I am able to focus on my education this time around and at the same time, still have time for my career. I’m well adjusted to the online situation since we honestly have no choice. We are all at home due to the pandemic but with that, you really need to find purpose on what you really want to do most especially this time."

Mavy and Cassy were recently chosen as endorsers of a major local fashion brand for its newest collection of casual wear.

Both were enthusiastic to take part in the shoot and gain positive experiences from it. 


As for Cassy, "I have never felt more confident in a photoshoot! The Penshoppe shoot was really fun since it allowed me to truly be me and express myself. Something about the Penshoppe team made me feel truly comfortable and confident (the fit of the clothes as well)."


Mavy also agreed with his sister's sentiments as he felt a boost of confidence as well, "It was one of the best experiences I’ve had so far. I felt like I was able to control how I wanted to present myself to the world. I felt like I was in control of this campaign since they allowed me to be myself and express who I truly was through the outfits (which I was able to switch up based on how I would wear that certain outfit) or how I posed or which hairstyle I wanted. Just basically every little detail had “Maverick Legaspi” in it."

It seems nothing can stop this dynamic duo in their pursuit of a great future.

Catch Mavy and Cassy every Saturday, 10:45 AM in 'Sarap, 'Di Ba? Bahay Edition'; every Sunday, 12:00 PM, in 'All-Out Sundays' and follow them on their social media pages to stay updated!

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