Make magic with Lark: How to use Magic Share for easy collaboration and creation

Monday, October 26, 2020

One of the greatest challenges faced by remote working teams is how to collaborate seamlessly without physical interaction. Successful remote collaboration is largely dependent on effective communication, which is not always easy to achieve when working online.

Virtual communication is subject to misinterpretation, especially in emails or chat, where facial expressions and body language of message senders are not seen. Delays in providing feedback and updates can also slow down the work process and affect a team’s productivity. On the other hand, receiving an overwhelming amount of information through shared documents, and messages passed back and forth, is likely to create confusion among individual team members. 

An effective tool for remote collaboration

An optimal work tool, such as Lark, can help remote teams communicate effectively and flexibly, while remaining organized and efficient. With Lark, all the essential functions needed to create and collaborate are found in one complete platform.


With work tasks done virtually within Lark, no time or effort is wasted switching between apps. Because Lark Docs, Calendar, Email, and Messenger are all integrated, team members only need to look in one place for instructions and updates. With Lark’s tagging feature, it becomes easier to receive real-time feedback on urgent matters. And, when messaging is no longer enough, a video call can easily be launched by any team member, at any time. 


Searching for files, people, and events is conveniently done through a single search bar on Lark. Time zones and schedules of team members are easy to take into consideration when planning meetings through Lark’s smart calendar. The safety and privacy of all users and work materials stored in the cloud are also guaranteed by Lark through an AWS certification that is compliant with the strictest rules in cloud computing.


Online meetings are elevated with Magic Share

For truly collaborative video meetings, Lark introduces Magic Share. Whether on desktop or mobile, Magic Share allows meeting participants to simultaneously edit files right within the video call window. Instead of simply discussing what needs to be done, this new feature transforms virtual calls into hardworking meetings that deliver actual results. Anyone can start sharing a file, without having to switch tabs or share your entire screen. Simply click the share button on the control bar, and select a Lark Doc or Sheet to share. 

Magic Share also supports multiple file formats, making it especially helpful when there is a need to collaborate on presentations or give feedback on designs and layouts. Just click the import tab to upload locally-saved Word, Excel, Powerpoint or PDF files into the call window. It is also possible to create an entirely new shared file, right within the call, to start collaborating from scratch. 

When it’s time to present, whoever is in control of the file sets the pace for scrolling through the document. Meeting participants can also view the file at their own pace, to catch up or read ahead as needed. The next presenter can take over controlling the file with a click of the Pass on Sharing button, eliminating unnecessary pauses for switching files or changing shared screens. Finally, to stop sharing a file at any time, just click on the Stop Sharing button. 

Try Magic Share on Lark, and discover how well your team can maximize its online collaboration potential today. To learn more, visit Lark is available for free on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. Click here to start using Lark.

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