Rising Girl Group XOXO launches self-titled debut single under GMA Music

Thursday, September 10, 2020

All-girl group XOXO sings about body positivity with its self-titled debut single!

Formed by women with different body shapes, skin color and features, the group wants to promote that their fellow ladies don't have to force themselves to fit into "the ideal standard" of beauty to succeed in life.

The four-member group, composed of previous "The Clash" contenders Dani Ozaraga, Lyra Micolob, Muriel Lomadilla, and Mel Caluag, said that they take pride in how all of them looked different from one another.

The group's single, also called "XOXO," is an upbeat song and an ode to women empowerment. It was recorded the day before the enhanced community quarantine was implemented.

In their newest single composed by Kiko Salazar, they combine talent and edgy personalities with such irresistible harmony.

Last month, XOXO celebrated its first anniversary since the group's debut. 

Since the song was recorded before the enhanced community quarantine, it was a challenge for them to do the dance choreography since they need to practice it in their respective homes. This is with the help of their choreographer RM Cortez. 

Their bond as a group have grown deeper since they were friends back in The Clash, they want to thank their supporters for being there since day 1. 

“XOXO” is now available for downloading and streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music and other digital stores worldwide under GMA Music. 

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