DORS: Farewell to my Beloved Aunt

Saturday, September 12, 2020

This is the favorite photo of my Tita Dors back when she was a kid. She might be 3 or 4 years old then, she always narrates what happened when this photo was taken, that she was scared because back then, they used to go to studios to take photos and they use old fashioned cameras where the photographer would slip into a black cloth cape with the vintage camera in front, she was scared but the result of the photo was priceless. 

Tita Dors would've been celebrating her 64th birthday this October 1, 2020 but unfortunately, her door already closed, it's time for another door to open for her, a new beginning.

After how many years, this is my first time again writing a more personal blog post because this is about a dear family member, someone who molded me since I was a kid.

Her nickname is "Dors" from Adora, her close friends call her that and to all her family members, she is Dora. 

My Ate Dora who's always been there for me until September 11 when she passed away due to heart attack. It was so sudden, I still can't manage to accept the fact that she is gone..forever. But I will make it sure not in my memories and in my heart.

There's no doubt she loves taking care of animals. We used to have a lot of pigeons then she also loves taking care of cats and dogs. There was Snoopy, Lexi and Chelsey.

Right at this moment, while looking at her casket, my heart is sinking. I'll definitely miss our bonding moments together with my Mom when we go to the grocery then watch a movie or eat out. She loves Chicken and Pizza. We would always tease her and laugh about how demanding she is when she dines out and how she would always feel cold when we are at the mall and would always go to the CR. I will miss giving her gifts and preparing for her birthday where we would eat and more. 

I know she is in a better place now, with Inang, Tito Eddie and our other family members and in that special place, there would be no more pain, no more sadness and no more looking back at hard times. You've lived a wonderful and colorful life. 

Last dine out together November 2019

Her last birthday celebration October 2019

We love you Tita Dors and I will never get tired praying for you. 🙏❤️

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