Paolo Contis is now the Netflix King & Pandemic Superstar

Sunday, August 02, 2020

Paolo Contis was recently given the tag line as the Pandemic Superstar and Netflix King after two of his films were among the Top 10 most watched in the Philippines on the streaming platform Netflix during the months-long quarantine. Not just part of Top 10 but it also hit #1. His film "Through Night and Day" became a trending topic online which paved way for more views on Netflix because of its positive reviews.

Paolo Contis is known for doing comedic roles and projects, he has been part of the longest running gag show Bubble Gang which is why it was quite a surprise to everyone when his latest project tag the hearts of many. His latest film from Viva Films "Through Night and Day" made everyone cried bucket of tears, it trended online raving positive reviews. 

Paolo plays Ben – a role originally written by co-star Alessandra de Rossi for her “Kita Kita” leading man Empoy Marquez – who after proposing to childhood sweetheart Jennifer (Alessandra) gifts her a dream trip to Iceland. What was supposed to be a one-for-the-books vacation results to the unravelling of their relationship in ways unforeseen. The box-office dud became No. 1 on Netflix Philippines.
“I’m happy, firstly, because it was unexpected. I didn’t expect it to trend because it came out in 2018. For me it was a done story,” said Paolo. “I expected that there would be viewers, but not this much, to the point that it would be number one.”
His other movie landing on Netlix’s Top 10 was the dark comedy “Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap,” also a 2018 release but didn't do well when it hit the cinemas, luckily, it really did well on Netflix. Starring alongside Pepe Herrera, Jerald Napoles and Jelson Bay, Paolo here is a promotion-seeking cop who infiltrates a group of awfully inept muggers. He helps them pull off a major heist in the hopes of capturing the big fish: the legendary robber Ka Paeng, played so naturally by veteran actor Pen Medina.
Although people may not be really keen on watching Paolo doing mellow performances and Rom-Com, in the past, he was known for doing so and have done multiple of roles that has tested his ability as an actor. Stepping into the role of Ben doing heart-wrenching scenes wouldn't be that difficult for him especially if he is sharing the limelight with co-star equally talented like him -Alessandra De Rossi. 
Since most of the people including the stars are staying in the comforts of their home, he too has done binge watching on Netflix. Watching action films like Extraction, Docus like The Staircase, then Ozark, Narcos plus he didn't pass up the chance to check out the KDramas that made everyone hook online like Crash Landing On You and Itaewon Class.
“Aminin ko man sa hindi,” he said, “pare-pareho lang tayong kinilig, natuwa at umiyak.”
Right now, Paolo is busy with doing GMA shows online plus uploading videos via YouTube with LJ Reyes. LJ is also very proud of Paolo because of his works, their viral video when she watched Through Night and Day got cute comments because she too can't control herself from crying. 

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