Monday, August 10, 2020

The Philippines ranked 4th in the World Health Index, a ranking of healthiest and least healthy markets across the globe that was revealed during the recent global health survey commissioned by the A.S. Watson Group, the worlds largest international health and beauty retailer. 

Over 5,500 consumers across 10 markets in Asia and Europe aged 15-60 participated in the survey from November to December last year to share their thoughts on a wide range of health topics.

The Netherlands topped the healthiest market list, followed by Singapore, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Malaysia, Mainland China, Ukraine, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

Other takeaways of the survey:
Happier People are Healthier.  91% of the respondents believe that smiling and laughing have a lot of health benefits. Yet only 66% smile enough due to stress. By generation, Gen Z smiles more and are happier than the more mature groups including Gen Y, Gen X, and Boomers. And Gen Z tends to consider themselves as healthy.

Family and Health are by Far the Most Important Aspects of Life.  When it comes to ranking the importance of life aspects, Family (87%) and Health (84%) top the list, with Wealth and Love (33% and 32%) in the third and fourth with a wide gap.

Malina Ngai, Group COO of the A.S. Watson Group and CEO of A.S. Watson Asia and Europe believes that if the survey was being conducted two months later in February this year, I am sure this result will even be more pronounced with people putting family and health at the very top priority in life.

Credible Information Matters. As fake news and information flood the internet and social media, consumers nowadays tend to seek health information from credible sources. The research revealed 61% still commonly see a doctor when feeling unwell and 43% go in store to get OTC medication. Yet only 15% of respondents turn to pharmacists for advice.

The A.S. Watson Group believes that more and more people will seek for the help of pharmacists as they are reliable, professional, and easily accessible. Watsons Philippines has a strong network of 1,436 pharmacists nationwide. More than just dispensing medicines, the pharmacists are patient advocates ensuring that the right medication is given through review, implementation of prescription, and detection of therapeutic incompatibilities.

How to Stay Healthy.  To lead a healthier lifestyle, over 80% of the respondents believe that enough sleep, a healthy diet, and regular exercise can keep them healthy. But 40% of them fail to do so. More and more people (60%) are interested in taking vitamins and dietary supplements to improve their health.

At the A.S. Watson Group, 1 billion shoppers bought health products last year and sales for the health category increased 11% year on year. The insight from the Group shows that there are more and more people are investing in their health and well-being with vitamins and supplements booming globally at a 12% growth year on year.

      In the Philippines, Watsons health business is growing at 18% year-to-date, with vitamins experiencing a phenomenal 132% growth versus last year. Clearly, more Filipinos take a proactive approach in ensuring they stay healthy and protected especially in this time of global health crisis. 

With this, Watsons expanded its product range for vitamins and health essential related products to further meet the peoples needs
Lets all stay healthy and happy. Watsons Call & Deliver ensures safe and convenient access to medicines and personal care essentials. The expanding Watsons hubs where customers may contact have dedicated riders allowing the customers to stay safe at home. 

For details of the Watsons Call & Deliver hubs, check out https://www.watsons/com.ph/call-and-delivery-list-of-stores.

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