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Hot on the heels of a powerful set of new digital releases last June, Ivory Music and Video unveils a strong lineup for July 2020.  As everyone feels restricted in coping with the ‘new normal,’ music has been a vital companion that sets our minds free and makes us feel alive like the kiss of the sun on a beach or the warm hugs of family and friends.  Check out the links of each song and download or stream in the various digital music stores as they become available.


“Tulong,” the 3rd offering of Sandiwa, tackles the sensitive topic of mental health, and as an advocacy, “Our aim is to raise more awareness, understanding, and acceptance about this issue. As a band, by our art, I think music is a good platform to assist the society to break the stigma of mental health.” The track, set to be released on July 17, is penned by Yeoj Rivera and Gloc-9, arranged by Sandiwa, and produced by Samuel Mopal and Eric Perlas.

The song started as an idea almost two years ago and was completed just before the COVID-19 pandemic took over.  It was a good thing that Sandiwa had practiced performing the song and was able to do the recording with Gloc-9 before the lockdown. Yeoj shares, “So during lockdown, we did the mixing process of our song.  The band constantly communicated ideas via online on how we can improve the song further, and we were pleasantly surprised of the outcome of the final mix despite the challenges of the current situation.”

Sandiwa is an alt-rock band hailing from the East of Metro Manila. “Gunita,” the band’s debut single released in March 2019, entered Spotify’s Viral 50 playlist a few weeks after its release. “Gunita” was soon followed by another hit single called “Paraya.” Sandiwa was Myx Philippines’ Spotlight Artist for the month of June. The band is composed of Yeoj Rivera, Samuel Mopal, Jeremiah Torda, Harold Tabuno, and Alex Rale. Sandiwa is managed by Ms. Thea Pollisco, under the same umbrella as renowned OPM artist Gloc-9 and hiphop hitmaker Shanti Dope.

Sandiwa’s “Tulong” featuring Gloc-9 will be available in digital music stores starting July 17, 2020.

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Hawak Ka Lang

An alternative rock band from Bukidnon, The Springlif is the second discovery from Tunog Bago sa Tunog Kalye series, a the collaboration of Ivory Music and Video and Wave 89.1.  Releasing their song entry from the music search this July 17, The Springlif offers “Hawak Ka Lang” as a song of hope and comfort as it explores the trust and promises made in long distance relationships.  Written by Mark Anthony Gamil and Rey Sajulan, “Hawak Ka Lang” is very apt for these pandemic times, the song will make you feel that you are not alone despite the separation and distance brought about by the community quarantine, and to ultimately trust that in the end, everything will be alright.

The Springlif, a four-man band that started during their high school days, is composed of Mark Anthony Gamil, bassist/vocalist; Rey Sajulan, rhythm guitar/vocalist; Rexie Sajulan, lead/backup vocalist; Jan Caan Jalop – drummer; and Mark Anthony Gamil, bassist/vocalist.  The band dreams of collaborating with music greats such as Sir Paul McCartney, Eraserheads, Sir Rico Blanco. It is interesting to note that they got the band name from a SpringLeaf binder where they wrote most of their songs.

The Springlif’s “Hawak Ka Lang” will be available in digital music stores starting July 17, 2020.

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Blue Kiss

OPM icon MYMP is set to bring new life to the 80’s classic “Blue Kiss,” a new wave/pop rock single from American singer-songwriter Jane Wiedlin. MYMP’s rendition, set for release on July 24, features the sweet vocals of lead singer Carmella Ravanilla and was produced by Chin Alcantara.

When asked why he chose Blue Kiss out of all the classics of the 80s, Chin shared, ”It’s one of my favorite songs from the decade. From the title itself, the song had a sad message but a happy melody and arrangement so it plays with your emotions really well. It’s extra special because it’s also one of my late mom’s favorite songs. One time in the late 80’s, we were in an eatery in QC that has the old school jukebox -- the one wherein you drop a coin and a mini-vinyl will play a song. Mom kept playing Blue Kiss over and over and i will never forget that.”

MYMP was able to record and do the final mix of Blue Kiss before the COVID-19 pandemic took over and a lockdown ensued.  “A kiss is a positive thing and one of the best expressions of affection, but because of the pandemic, our ways of expressing affection have been limited. Touching and kissing are not allowed except for family members or friends living in the same house with you. The title Blue Kiss relates to our current situation because we can only dream about kissing our friends and loved ones. For now, we can only send virtual hugs and kisses.”

MYMP (short for Make Your Momma Proud), formed in 1998, is the Philippines' biggest-selling acoustic duo. Their debut album Soulful Acoustic, released in 2003, has been certified Platinum that same year. MYMP has since released 8 albums and sold a total combined of more than 12 platinums when CD's were still the main means of audio format. Since the release of their debut album, the duo has received both local and international success with some of their songs hitting the top charts in South Korea and Indonesia and other Asian countries. They've performed several times in South Korea's Asia Song Festivals and Indonesia's Jazz Festivals. As testament to the timeless flavor of their music, MYMP currently has 1.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify. 

MYMP’s “Blue Kiss” will be available in digital music stores starting July 24, 2020.

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The chill vibe of the latest digital release from Crazy Mix is riddled with a hefty dose of ‘hugot’ about dishonesty and distrust in romantic relationships that anybody can relate to.  Titled “Sinungaling,” to debut this July 31, the song and rap combination was born from reminiscing thoughts of Crazy Mix inside the shower. Later on, the song developed as a collaboration with producer Eich Abando and two of his team mates from the Crazy Family namely Joseph Decena aka Lirickal and Christian Mora aka Crazy Chat. Crazy Mix shared, “We thought of making the melody modern and catchy even though the message was about betrayal and heartache, which is what most rants on social media are about.”

Crazymix (born Romarico Superable) is a rapper, vlogger and foodie. He is one of the notable FlipTop Battle League emcees in the country. Crazymix rose to fame when his rap battle with Loonie and Abra went viral, racking over 13 million views on YouTube. He currently hosts an online talk show “Hip-hop OPM” where they talk about the current situation of the Filipino hip-hop scene. He recently released “Iwan Mo Na Siya (ft. Sachzna Laparan)” and “Bahaghari (ft. Sisa of Crazy As Pinoy).”

Crazy Mix’s “Sinungaling” will be available on Spotify and other digital music stores starting July 31, 2020.

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Let Me

Sharlene San Pedro seems to always bring her own sunshine wherever she goes so it’s no surprise that her latest digital release this July 31 is an upbeat tune with lyrics that feel like warm a hug from a friend.  “Let Me,” written and produced by Brian Lotho, is a song about someone comforting a friend or loved one from feelings of loneliness and depression. 

Already a household name for more than a decade, Sharlene San Pedro continues to shine with the numerous awards and projects under her belt. She made her first television appearance at the age of four when she joined ABS-CBN’s talent search Star Circle Quest: Kids Edition in 2004. Since then she has starred in various shows and movies, including Class of 2018 (2018), Haunted Mansion (2015), Segunda Mano (2011), as well as various ABS-CBN TV series. She won Most Popular Child Actress in Mag-Ingat Ka Sa… Kulam in 2008. In May 2019, she appeared alongside Nash Aguas in iWant’s digital film The Gift directed by Onat Diaz. She was recently part of MYX Philippines as a resident VJ. Sharlene is a recurring guest and host at the online show iWant ASAP. Sharlene signed a recording artist contract with Ivory Music & Video in June 2018 and has since released a string of original music. Her first single, “Pa’no Ang Lahat,” was released on Nov 16, 2018. This was followed by “Everything Will Be Alright” (April 5, 2019) and “Pusong Naliligaw (ft. Zack Tabudlo)” (September 6, 2019).

Sharlene San Pedro’s “Let Me” will be available on Spotify and other digital music stores starting July 31, 2020.

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