Passion & Healthy Lifestyle: The Perfect Combination of PURE JUS

Saturday, July 25, 2020

From a personal passion to live healthier life six years ago, Pure Jus turned out to become a fruitful business. 

In mid-2014, Kristal Hierco-Reyes made a personal effort to lead a healthier and more nourishing life through exercising and juicing – that ultimately, changed her inside and out.

She lost weight, her skin became visibly clearer, she had brighter eyes, and felt even more energetic. 

It was her family and friends who noticed the changes and kept asking her to share her secrets. The secret was initially revealed only to some friends and family six years ago. 

However, a secret as beautiful and life-changing as Pure Jus is something to be shared to people who also have the same passion about keeping a healthy life. 

So, Kristal later on found herself starting a business to share her very own secret.

Kristal Hierco-Reyes is the Founder and CEO of Pure Jus, a company that aims to promote clean eating and a healthy lifestyle. 

She is based in the Philippines and recently celebrated six successful years of her business.
Kristal started Pure Jus because she is a health enthusiast who is committed to finding natural ways to detoxify the body and combined her passion with her love of sharing what she is passionate about with other people.

Until now, Pure Jus continues to promote healthy lifestyle choices by offering the most nutritious and delicious juices. 

It offers a wide range of products where each blend is personally tried and tested by Kristal herself to ensure the very best results for her customers. 

Pure Jus drinks are made from the finest and freshest organic fruits and vegetables -- quality is always guaranteed! 

It has no added sugars, preservatives or fillers; and uses state-of-the-art cold-press juicers to retain the nutrients and vital enzymes found in the fruits and veggies. 

The juices are then bottled, sealed, and shipped fresh to the customers daily. 

Through sheer dedication and commitment to her art, Kristal has managed to grow the company substantially. 

The brand has hundreds of loyal customers who swear by their products on how much they have benefited from consuming the company’s blends and doing their detox programs. 

Known celebrities have testified to the great benefits they gained from drinking Pure Jus like Dingdong Dantes, JC de Vera, LJ Reyes and Antoinette Taus who has been drinking Pure Jus over the years. 
Recently, when Ang Probinsyano resumed taping, some of the cast had Pure Jus to even boost their immune system.

Meanwhile, at this point where pandemic hits us, Pure Jus is one of the best options to boost up our immune system againts COVID-19. The juices are high in nutrient-dense ingredients that can help prevent getting certain bacteria and viruses.

Over the years, known celebrities have testified to the great benefits they gained from drinking Pure Jus. 

However, like most businesses, Pure Jus had its fair share of struggles. 

Only a few weeks ago, Pure Jus Instagram account was hacked that lead to the loss of their enormous followers. 

Despite having to change and start anew their Instagram account, now under @pure_jus_kristal_ph, Pure Jus already garnered more than 23,000 followers. 

On social media, Kristal often shares various product details, benefits of juice cleansing as well as tips and tricks for her followers who want to eat cleaner. 

Stellar customer feedback and reviews can also be found on their page as well as numerous success stories of clients. 

Kristal is very friendly and incredibly responsive to her followers. 

More information about the brand can be found on their website
Kristal hopes to share her passion and knowledge for juicing with even more people as she presently works on Pure Jus YouTube channel.

After the immeasurable success of Pure Jus, Kristal now plans on branching out newer items for trade and retail under her company KDPJ enterprises. 

Given her passion, dedication, and commitment to her craft, it is easy to see that Kristal is bound to find success in whatever venture she pursues next.

IG: pure_jus_kristal_ph

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