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Thursday, June 25, 2020

The world has experienced a prolonged period of uncertainty and unrest caused by the Corona-virus or COVID-19 pandemic. To date it has already affected the lives of peoples in almost 200 countries (and still counting) globally.

COVID-19 could have been circulating for many weeks before it was detected because people simply thought they had a common cold and did not go to hospitals. But in most countries the virus could have been infecting people but could not be confirmed because of the absence or limited supply of the testing kits and machine which could validate or confirm the cases of people suffering from the sympthoms of the COVID-19. The number of silent COVID-19 carriers could not be estimated.

Currently, what is certain is that, COVID-19 – a respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus  which outbreak started in China’s Wuhan City in Hubei province in the last quarter of 2019.

COVID-19 has reached and affected the most and advanced as well as the poorest countries and that includes PHILIPPINES, the land where I was born and raised. When Covid-19 hit Manila, it scared everyone, what will happen? how will the government handle it? Are the hospitals ready to treat these kind of patients? are we going to surpass it? After a three-month lockdown, there questions are still left answered. With a total of thirty thousand and counting of patients and one thousand plus of deaths, fear still lingers in every hearts of Filipinos but we are known to be resilient, we fight for our lives ever since the world begun, Filipinos are known to be fighting for freedom ever since and now, we fight to be free from COVID-19. 

Wilbert Tolentino, a Philanthropist who is willing to share his blessing to those who are in need during the pandemic in the Philippines

 COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the best and the worst among many people. The Lockdown or Enhanced Community Quarantine has dramatically showcased people's attitude towards everyone. Some who used to be mean and nasty, changed their ways and had many realizations because in this lifetime, we only love once and we can be an instrument to help one another especially those who are in need and this is where Mr. WILBERT TOLENTINO comes in, an angel in disguise who has helped a lot of people in need with his creative ways. 

Wilbert Tolentino,  a father of two, was born in Binondo, Manila from a Filipino-Chinese family on May 18, 1975. He is the youngest of the five (5) children. From the get-go, he provided for himself, independently.

When he was still a teenager, he took many dead end jobs just to make ends meet. 
Because of his hardwork and perseverance, he managed to put himself to college at University Of Santo Tomas for few units. Although he didn't finish due to other priorities, he achieved to be a successful businessman.

Wilbert Tolentino is the country manager of the largest online marketing industry in the country. As the chairman of Web Marketers Specialists Association of the Philippines (WEMSAP), he pioneered the non-voice telemarketing services that provides employment security and continuous training development to improve the lives and welfare of its underprivileged workforce. Employing more than 5,000 agents and supervising more than a hundred of offices. Most of the recruits are from the low average income earners from across the country.

Aside from online marketing business, he runs four (4) health spas and men entertainment businesses. Most notable brands are F Club (Fahrenehit Café & Fitness Center), One 690 and Apollo Club that are situated in the busiest entertainment districts of Metro Manila.
He joined the first ever search for Mr. Gay Philippines in 2007. He finished 2nd Runner Up and bagged numerous awards. 

In 2009, he made history as he was appointed to represent as the first ever Filipino delegate for the Mr. Gay World competition, predecessor to the Mr. Gay International. The pageant was held in Whistler, Canada. Although he didn't win, he was given several accolades as Mr. Popularity, Best in Formal Wear and Best in National Costume. 

In 2014, Wilbert Tolentino joined a televised pageant for gay men - ABSCBN: It's Showtime's 'I AM POGAY'. 

He is now the license holder for Mr. Gay World Philippines, since 2016. He produced the largest televised pageant for gay men, Mr. Gay World Philippines 2016. He also pioneered the country's first and longest running four (4) major pageant brands in the country: Mr. Fahrenheit, Miss F Universe, Miss Earth Fahrenheit & Fahrenheit Look Of The Year, since 2003. All titleholders are gay and bisexual men. 

Wilbert Tolentino is always involved in various organizations that share his causes mostly for the benefit of the LGBTQIA+ community, especially issues that concern about HIV/AIDS and mental health. 

He helped hundreds of PLHIV in providing them free counseling and healthcare recommendations. 

Reaching out to others has been his passion. Tolentino believes that his purpose in life is to help those who are in need. Tolentino had volunteered charitable events and outreach programs from various institutions. He volunteered charitable events and outreach programs from various institutions.

He believes, that he doesn't to need to be a politician to serve the people. What is important is self capability, wide resources and alliances that share the same principles and purpose for humanity. He proclaimed, he is no saint, to share good deeds. It is his duty and responsibility that he will carry on for the rest of his life.

Through the influence of social media, he used this technology to support his causes and address his kind intentions to the community. 

He created his own official Facebook fan page for the public to use and would like to engage to him. He intended to gather more followers for the sake of spreading his influence to a wider spectrum of the society across the country, and to the globe. 

Through this medium he can easily respond to people and address their concerns, with help of his team and close friends. This is where he hosted different globally competitive virtualcontests where people can showcase and hone their talents in different fields and at the same time win amazing and big prizes that they case use this time of pandemic. 

Meet the Sir Wil Online Challenge Board of Directors:
Chairman & President - Wilbert Tolentino
Vice President for Guidelines & Editor - Ryan Sotto
Monitoring Officer - Frankendal Fabroa
Photographer, Videographer & Visual Artist - Gelbert Aplal
Finance Officer - Chad Jonas
Vice Chairman, Writer & Director - Rodgil Flores
In-House Host - Kristine Caballero Aplal
Team Leader - Jayjay Palao, Christopher Cornel and Enan Cruz

The contests are as follows:

The Queen of Lockdown Transformation 2020- Pagirl / Pahard Challenge

4th Runner-Up (P500 plus 1 sack of rice) – HIRO MAKINANO
3RD Runner-Up (P1,000 plus 1 sack of rice) – KARL GONZALES
2nd Runner-Up (P2,000 plus 1 sack of rice) – AJ CASTRO JOSE
1st Runner-Up (P3,000 plus 1 sack of rice) – GIOVANNI LAZARO FLORES
Grand Winner (P10,000 plus 1 sack of rice) – POPOY SON ROXAS

Sir Wil Extreme Cutie Quest Challenge

4th Runner-Up (P3,000) – IANNY A. CANILLO
1st Runner-Up (P10,000) – RED REDVINGREY
Grand Winner (P20,000) – MARY LETIM PONCE

SIR WIL DRAG QUEEN CHALLENGE - The Ultimate Impersonation Contest

The Philippines’ Most Beautiful Beki Online Pageant – QUEEN OF bECQi 2020 (for gays and transgender women)

4th Runner-Up (P5,000) – BRITNEY MADALI
3RD Runner-Up (P10,000) – PATRICK ISORENA
2nd Runner-Up (P20,000) – LARS PACHECO
1st Runner-Up (P50,000) – MATMAT CENTINO
Grand Winner (P100,000) – MARIANNE CRISOLOGO

WiL or No WiL Online Game Show (open to all)

The King of ECQ Online Search – GINOONG QUARANTINO 2020 ( for entertainment, ramp, TVC male models/  male pageant aspirants)

4th Runner-Up (P5,000) – JIRO GARCIA
3RD Runner-Up (P10,000) – CZACK BUENAFE
2nd Runner-Up (P20,000) – ROBBY CUBACUC
1st Runner-Up (P50,000) – WIZE ESTABILLO
Grand Winner (P200,000) – ALLEN ONG MOLINA


4th Runner-Up (P5,000) – JS ASUNCION
2nd Runner-Up (P10,000) – PRINCESS KHIM SANTILLAN
1st Runner-Up (P20,000) – JAY COSTURA DREAMS
Grand Winner (P50,000) – SACHZNA LAPARAN


4th Runner-Up (P10,000) – KURT LAWRENCE BAUTISTA
3RD Runner-Up (P20,000) – DWINE ENRIQUEZ
2nd Runner-Up (P30,000) – CHESTER LAPAZ
1st Runner-Up (P50,000) – BUKNOY GLAMUR
Grand Winner (P200,000) – SHAINA DENNIZ


Sir Wil Media Challenge (ONGOING)

These virtual contests made a lot of people happy simply because of the help Wilbert Tolentino is giving and his selfless acts paved way for people to shine even at their darkest times. Now, more netizens are interested and excited to be part of his virtual contests and those won are truly grateful because of the help and stepping stone that Wilbert Tolentino gave them. 

Meet the candidates (Press, Bloggers, Vloggers)

This is why I am also taking part in the "Sir Will Media Challenge" because I also want to share some of the realizations I had while put in lockdown with my family. Through this challenge, I can voice out what I have in my mind and in return, what I can do to help. 
After spending a couple of weeks mourning all my amazing plans that I have in mind this coming summer, I learned a bitter-but-necessary lesson: I need to stop waiting for a right time or special occasion to do something.

As a freelance writer and blogger, I enjoyed covering events because writing has always been my passion, I started my blog in 2000 as a personal blog and the rest is history. Being an Entertainment and Lifestyle Blogger is such an amazing experience to me, from meeting different people to meeting my favorite artists and knowing them more in the process. This is why it is such a privilege for me to be even considered as part of the media because disseminating information is a hard task but very fulfilling as well and I am glad that I chose this path because now I got the chance to be part of Sir Will Media Challenge. 

The cliché "tomorrow is not promised" has never rang truer during the coronavirus pandemic. Sitting at home watching the news makes me feel worse for those who have lost their loved ones and was never given the opportunity to even hug them or tell them you love them. True enough, I'm sure this is also the vision of Sir Wilbert Tolentino, his passion of helping other people is truly admirable and we really need more of him, someone who doesn't need the spotlight just to make his good deeds shine, he makes it a point that YOU will shine and you will get the help the you deserve. Be we will all combat this TOGETHER

Time waits for no one, and it took an entire pandemic to make me realize that. Speaking of perfect times, this ECQ or pandemic is the perfect time to practice living our best lives even though its seems like there's no hope but there is. Have you been waiting for the "right time" to start your blog? No time like today. Joining an online contest? Like the official Facebook page of Wilbert Tolentino and be the best that you can be while joining his community.

For more updates and if you want to join WILBERT TOLENTINO's upcoming contests, like the official Facebook page:

For copyright purposes, credits to Sir Wilbert Tolentino for the photos and videos - all found at his official Facebook page.  

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