Play Hard & Win Big: Shopee 6.6 Super Flash Sale is Here with New In-App Games to Enjoy

Friday, May 22, 2020

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, launches two new in-app games just in time for the Shopee 6.6 Super Flash Sale. Shopee Claw and Shopee Poly join the roster of Shopee’s in-app games where users can play, redeem prizes and earn as many points which they can use for the big sale. 

Ruoshan Tao, Head of Marketing at Shopee Philippines said, “We want our users to enjoy and have fun while they are at home with their friends and family. Shopee has recently introduced two new in-app games, Shopee Claw and Shopee Poly, just in time for Shopee 6.6 Super Flash Sale. Shoppers can enjoy more deals and promotions as they shop and play on their mobile phones. We are committed to improving our platform and introducing new features to connect with our users in a way that is fun, positive and engaging. ” 

Introducing Shopee Claw and Shopee Poly 

Shopee Claw

Shopee Claw is inspired by the favorite arcade claw machine whereby Shopee users can use a claw to pick up prizes. The game mechanics are simple, users just have to toggle their phones from left to right to control the claw. Press the ‘START’ button and the claw will move downwards to pick up the prize. Once the claw successfully picks up the prize, a prize pop-up will appear on screen to show what the user has won. Users can stand a chance to win Shopee coins, cashback vouchers, ShopeePay discount vouchers, and exciting prizes including a pair of Airpods and an iPhone 11. 

Shopee Poly

Shopee Poly starts off with the user rolling a dice to determine the number of steps they will take. They either lose or earn points depending on the spot they land on. Each user is given 3 free chances to play daily and can earn more chances by using their Shopee coins, making an order, or by sharing the game. Users can stand a chance to win Shopee coins, cashback vouchers, ShopeePay discount vouchers, as well as special prizes including a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and a Realme C2 Smartphone. 

Shopee 6.6 Super Flash Sale

From May 18 to June 6, Shopee 6.6 Super Flash Sale is offering daily flash deals as low as ₱6, free shipping with no minimum spend, and up to 50% discounts. Look out for exclusive offers from leading brands such as Wyeth, Unilever Beauty, Shigetsu, L’Oreal Paris, Maybelline, P&G Home, and Nestle. 

Download Shopee for free through the App Store or Google Play.

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