Just Another Day in Paradise: My dream destination after ECQ

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

We're nearly half of the year 2020 and so far, it's been a roller coaster ride. Challenges this year might be really overwhelming to most of us but as Filipinos, we are known to be resilient and no matter how hard life can be, we know how to smile and rise up because we know that a lot of people are counting on us and our faith will never put us down.

This is what keeps me going and motivated. Life is too short to waste on not taking the risks and this fuels my drive to follow my dreams and one of my bucket list is to travel more. After this pandemic about Corona Virus or CoVid 19 that swept across the globe, I'm going to make it sure that I'll be able to travel once again to my dream destinations and I have a handful on my list.

Traveling has been my stress buster, whenever I feel burned out and lost, I travel to a place that I've never been so that I can reconnect to my inner self and to the nature. It gives me joy to appreciate what a beautiful life and world we live in. There are so many places to go to but as a Filipino, I would love to explore my very own country more to promote local tourism because Philippines has so much to offer - the beaches, the historical places, the people, rich culture, mouth-watering delicacies and more.

For me, my go to place after ECQ will definitely be PALAWAN.

PALAWAN is the last frontier of the Philippines. The island is popular for having the best beaches plus nothing compares to Coron and El Nido. I can imagine myself settling there for the rest of my life and leaving the busy city life behind, because why not? Imagine waking up to the pristine white beach of Onuk Island or swimming at the coral blue and sparking water in Coron or watching the sunset at El Nido, it will forever change your life. The tropical vibe of this island will forever mesmerize you.

I would love to go to Puerto Princesa city proper and book at a RedDoorz Hotel because its the best choice. RedDoorz are strategically located in the city or if you want near the beach, they also have that. RedDoorz Premium is just a short distance away from transport terminals and public transportation is easy breezy as well. The property offers homey yet modern interiors, amazing furniture, and complete amenities for a memorable stay fit for you or if you're with your family and friends. They also offer the most budget friendly accommodation compared to any other hotels. This way, you can easily budget your travel. Booking is very easy as well thanks to their 100% safe app, paying can either be done via credit card, Dragonpay or pay at the hotel. You can easily check out RedDoorz hotels Palawan or where you want to stay like hotels in Cebu or hotels near me via the app or their online website. 

What I love most in Palawan is that, you can travel there without having to break your bank, the expenses are very cheap - from the transportation (you can either hire a tricycle if you wish to go around the city and tourist destinations nearby or ride an fx to your destination). The people are very disciplined, they won't charge you hastily plus everything that they sell are quite affordable, from the food to giveaways for your family.

Traveling makes you learn more about being independent. You'll meet different people, discover things about yourself that you think you can't do, overcome your fears and even mastering up the courage to be a better you for the coming years. I choose to travel more soon and choosing the right accommodation will give me a secure and serene feeling because I know RedDoorz will help me achieve all of my bucket list when it comes to traveling.

Filipinos surely know how to let go of the negative vibes because we always learn how to be flexible and bounce back from any bad challenges we've been and exploring new places and trying out different activities is one sure way to start a new beginning. No matter what your plans are this year that you think will not push through because of the pandemic or current state of your life, don't lose hope and just go with the flow. Be adventurous and have faith. Start by taking a big leap and go for that dream travel destination that you've always wanted because you'll never know, it might change your life forever. 

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