YAKIKAI GRILL & FUSION BUFFET Eat All You Can for as low as 339!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Everyone loves to eat particularly Filipinos. As years go by, we have seen so many food trends, surprisingly, we are patronizing these trends because of the distinct taste and satisfaction it can bring to them.

Some of us love hamburgers, shawarmas, milk teas, frappes, coffee blends, pearl shakes, chicken wings, pizzas and ramen noodles. And now, no one can disagree that we are starting to love another food trends that comes from Korea—Samgyeopsal and Yakiniku in Japan. 

Tucked inside the busy streets of Tomas Morato and Scout Lazcano is where you can find the most affordable Eat-All-You-Can buffet and grill restaurant.

YAKIKAI GRILL & FUSION BUFFET serves a fusion of Korean and Japanese dishes for as low as Php 339 for their opening promo. "Yaki" means grilled while "Kai" means gathering. 

Yakikai has a very spacious area in its two-floors restaurant. If you want to grill meat with fresh area then you can opt to dine at their alfresco area. This is perfect for group of friends and families as well. Customers can access a buffet area with a variety of Sushi, Japchae, Yakitori, Beef Stew and many more. 

On your table, you also get to grill a wide selection of unlimited Korean barbecues and even fresh serving of Shrimp.

The Buffet Area
Compared to other Samgyeop and Yakiniku restos, Yakikai is totally different because they have a buffet area that you can eat all you can with your heart's desire. Isn't that an amazing deal? Plus, you can be assured that you are about to eat is freshly prepared.

Aside from the quality of food, you can also be assured that the staff and crew are ready to serve you so, next time you shout, "Pa-refill po!" they're already next to you giving you their brightest smile and good service. 

If you can't get enugh of grilled meat then you will surely get addicted with their Korean desserts as well, this is just perfect to capped off the day after getting your fill of meat. So many, ice cream to choose from and for the love of Melona, I'm sure your fall in love with other desserts available as well.

Enjoy a one of a kind Samgyeop and Yakiniku experience at Yakikai Grill & Fusion Buffet!

That's me, enjoying my Yakikai Buffet experience, can't wait to visit again soon!

YAKIKAI Grill & Fusion Buffet
122 Scout Lazcano St., Brgy. Sacred Heart, 1103
Quezon City, Philippines 
Contact No.: 09271383980 

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