Witness a FAMILY like no other in GMA NETWORK'S LOVE OF MY LIFE

Sunday, February 02, 2020

GMA Network opens February with an intriguing masterpiece that discusses love in different forms with the primetime series Love of my Life.

The drama soap premieres on February 3 right after The Gift.

Meet the stellar cast of LOVE OF MY LIFE

 Tom Rodriguez as Stefano Gonzales
 Carla Abellana as Adelle Nisperos
 Mikael Daez as Nikolai Gonzales
 Rhian Ramos as Kelly Generoso
Ms. Coney Reyes as Isabella Gonzales

Playing vital roles are Anna Marin as Siony, Adelle's doting and supportive mother; Vaness del Moral as Joyce, Adelle's strict but supportive friend who also helps run her handicraft business; Geleen Eugenio as Manang Eden, the Gonzales' family cook and a warm-hearted spinster; Samantha Lopez as Janice, Isabella's fashionable and loyal personal assistant; Maey Bautista as Cha-mae, Adelle's humorous and kikay friend who works in her handicraft business; Ethan Hariot as Gideon, Kelly's charming son from Stefano whom he abandoned; Raphael Landicho as Andrei, Adelle's adorable son from her ex-boyfriend; Levi Ignacio as Mang Arsing, the Gonzales' trusted driver who is also a close friend of Isabella's sons; Carl Guevarra as Kiel, close confidante and business partner of Stefano, Dino Pastrano as Elmer, Adelle's loving brother who manages their family farm; and with the special participation of Johnny Revilla.

The Gonzales family is not like any other, Isabella (Coney), the matriarch, is a rich widow with high standards who would stop at nothing to get what's best for her family. Nikolai (Mikael), her youngest son, has grown into a rebellious man after causing a traumatic family accident which led to the death of his father. Stefano (Tom), the favorite son, is a family-oriented architect who fathers the child of Kelly (Rhian), his former lover who holds a vengeful heart due to what she has been through in the name of love.

Tom and Carla shares details about their respective roles in LOVE OF MY LIFE

When Stefano crosses paths with Adelle (Carla), a widow with a child who manages her own handicraft business, things begin to get better. Amidst Isabella's objection towards their relationship, Stefano and Adelle strive to build a normal family. Their seemingly perfect life crumbles not only when Kelly barges into the picture along with the estranged Nikolai, but also when Stefano gets diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Newly wed Mikael Daez shares details about his wedding plus their preparations and how he and Megan Young get through all the hardships until they knew they were destined for one another.

How can pain bring together such opposing characters for the sake of the love of their lives? How will Adelle, Kelly, Nikolai, and Isabella adapt to their unusual set-up, living inside one house for the sickly Stefano?

An original creation of the GMA Entertainment Group, Love of my Life is under the supervision of the Production team headed by SVP for Entertainment Group Lilybeth G. Rasonable, VP for Drama Redgie A. Magno, AVP for Drama Cheryl Ching-Sy, Senior Program Manager Cathy Ochoa Perez, and Executive Producer Michele Borja.

The series is a product of the visionary minds of Creative Director Aloy Adlawan; Creative Head Suzette Doctolero; Creative Consultant Agnes Gagelonia-Uligan; Headwriter Ronalean Sales; writers Ana Aleta Nadela , Dang Sulit-Marino and brainstormers Gilda Marcelino and Nehem Dalliego.

Love of my Life is directed by Don Michael Perez.

Catch the world premiere of Love of my Life beginning February 3, weeknights, on GMA Telebabad.

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