Fortune and Love favor the Brave. TikTok Your Feelings! Win Hearts and Wonderful Prizes

Monday, February 03, 2020

 As Cupid’s all prepped and ready to shoot some love arrows, TikTok dares you to share your kilig (giddy) or funny moments with your crush, or better yet, confess your feelings to your crush with this month’s hashtag challenge #HiCrush.

For starters, “crush” refers to a person that someone is infatuated with. It is the self-awareness of liking another person but not knowing if the other feels the same way. Thus, the “crushing” feeling. But, these pent-up feelings should be expressed. So, wear your heart on your sleeve and get creative in expressing all that love, love, LOVE!

Create and upload video of your crush story with the hashtag #HiCrush from February 5-14, 2020. The winners will be ranked based on video views and video quality.

@inigopascual Alam mo crush... di ko kayang panindigan yang lipbite na yan... #foryourpage #foryou #tagalog #comedy
♬ alam mo crush? - Prince Adrian Dagdag

The top 10 winners will get TikTok related products, and their entries will be shouted out on all TikTok PH official accounts. Top 3 creators will win a free romantic dinner and the top creator with the overall highest video view will win a Valentine's Day bonus and a chance to make a music video or an exclusive feature story.

This is the best time to change that MU from Malabong Usapan into Malalim na Ugnayan. Share the love, bring joy, and create that #HiCrush video today! Win the hearts and likes of thousands of TikTok users. Win amazing prizes and TikTok swags! And… who knows? You might win the heart of the one you truly loved.

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