Pop & Lock, Hip Hop on TikTok: How Yanyan danced his way to stardom

Thursday, January 30, 2020

[Watch Video Here: http://vt.tiktok.com/enA4oA/]

Nineteen year old Ian Carl de Jesus, popularly known as Yanyan, never imagined that he will gain over 2.5M followers in a span of less than 2 years.

Yanyan was declared as the Winner of the TikTok All-Stars South East Asia for Talent Category on November 2019. Before his amazing feat for the regional competition, TikTok Philippines’ “Dance Machine”  was a promising talent which was initially known on the platform for his comic dubs. Back in February 2019,Yanyan received the TikTok #1million2019comedy award alongside creators McLion Cross and Jae-hwa during #TheMainEvent. Yanyan might be known for his quirky dubs but he made it as an entry point for fans notice his greater talent -- dancing.

Yanyan’s recent videos showcase his dancing prowess as he covers hip hop chart toppers. One might recognize his slaying performance of Pussycat Dolls’ Buttons. The dance floor slayer became a member of the country’s premier dance company, G-Force, but eventually decided to take his own path to success.

As he plans to further his dancing career, Yanyan also wants to enroll at the LPU Culinary Institute this year while doing TikTok videos.

Yanyan sure has a lot of time in his hands but does he ever get tired doing multiple jobs?

[Watch Video Here: http://vt.tiktok.com/enA4oA/]

“TikTok for me is not a job.TikTok for me is a hobby. It doesn’t feel tiring because you’re just creating a video that makes you feel happy. If you put it out in public, it’s like you’re also sharing the happiness. That’s the purpose of influencers… to [be] an inspiration,” shared Yanyan.

His maturity may be accounted from his life experience. His parents separated and Yanyan now has two families. He has a brother from his father’s side and a sister from his mother’s side. He enjoys the support he receives from both sides. Yanyan’s Mom and sister even downloaded TikTok to watch his videos.

Yanyan revealed that he created TikTok videos for fun and for his own entertainment. TikTok users were quick to appreciate and respond positively to his authentic take on creating his material. Now that Yanyan de jesus has established himself as a creator, his initial fear is consistently finding the motivation to create more content. He is his own critic when it comes to his own videos but maintains to keep it authentic. He only wants the best for his followers. 

@yanyandejesus1 BOYS can also do what GIRLS do. 💪🏻❤️ #yansers #dance
♬ original sound  - Yanyan De Jesus

When asked what can he say about TikTok, Yanyan has a lot to share:
“TikTok is a community wherein you can share your talents, share your learnings, or share your everyday lives. TikTok  is very versatile. They have a vlogging area, spot for dancing and singing. TikTok is for everyone.”

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