Have yourself a DIY Christmas: 5 TikTok Ways to Keep Up the Holiday Spirit

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Christmas is just a week away! Can you believe it? We’re here to let you feel the holiday spirit and bring some festive cheer with these quick videos on how to hack your way through the yuletide season. 

Start December mornings with a healthy breakfast! It’s a perfect match for that ham you’ve been pre-tasting before Christmas eve.   

Do you wanna build a snowman? Not yet a possibility in the Philippines but this snow globe can surely make up for winter’s absence here in the tropics.

It’s all about parties and if you’re hosting a dinner, spruce up your place and decorate with these easy and breezy DIY Snowflakes!

If you’re considering decorations that has less impact on the environment, we have this Eco-friendly Wall Accent that’s made up of recycled materials. 

Then after a long day of preparing for the holidays, indulge yourself with this sweet treat.

Make sure you have all the ingredients and materials for your Christmas DIYs. Buy your stuff at the nearest Robinsons Malls and join TikTok’s merriest challenge of the year!

Join the #RobinsonsTikTokChristmas for a chance to win 2 Playlab Passes with 2 Movieworld Movie Cards or 4 Movieworld Movie Cards! Ten winners will be selected.

Just celebrate Christmas with your family, friends and loved ones at Robinsons Malls. Whether you’re buying gifts or dining 

1. Shoppers can join the contest by uploading a video of them shopping or dining this holiday at Robinsons Malls

2. The video must show Robinsons icons like mall logos, façade, and interiors 4. Shoppers can join the contest by uploading their entries on TikTok

5. Follow @robinsonsmalls on TikTok and use the hashtag #RobinsonsTikTokChristmas

6. Shoppers must present proof of purchase upon claiming of prizes.

Promo lasts until December 31, 2019.

For more info, follow @robinsonsmalls on TikTok. Got to the nearest Robinsons Mall for more Christmas deals and surprises!

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