PLDT introduces a new era of home broadband with all-new Google Wifi Plans

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Leading digital services provider PLDT is ushering in a new era of home broadband as it introduces the new PLDT Home Google Wifi Plans, which lets you enjoy Unli Fibr in every room and on every device starting at Php2,299 per month.

The new PLDT Home Google Wifi Plans come with Unli Fibr and three Google Wifi 'points,' which you can strategically install around your home, so your family can make the most of PLDT Home’s fastest Unli Fibr connection in all their online activities. The new PLDT Home Google Wifi Plans also come with a free landline with unlimited calls to Smart, TNT, and Sun.

With PLDT Home Google Wifi Plans, you can put an end to Wi-Fi dead spots – those corners in your home or office where Wi-Fi signal just cannot get through – an especially common problem in huge houses with thick walls, multiple levels, and other features that block or hinder Wi-Fi signals.

A bane to our increasingly digital lifestyle, Wi-Fi dead spots result to interrupted online activities: One minute you are making a perfectly fine video call with your best friend, uploading an important file, or streaming your favorite series from your living room – only to get cut off the moment you go to another room, head to the kitchen, or move upstairs.

Using mesh networking technology, PLDT Home Google Wifi Plans let you enjoy not only fast but also reliable and seamless Unli Fibr around your home, delivered by strategically located Google Wifi 'points'.

Powered by Unli Fibr with speeds ranging from 30Mbps, 60 Mbps, 120 Mbps, 250 Mbps, up to 1Gbps, the PLDT Home Google Wifi Plans let you stream videos seamlessly, upload and download heavy files in an instant, play games without lag, and make clear and video calls without any interruption.

Making sure that your home is blanketed with Wi-Fi is a custom job, as no two homes are exactly the same. That’s why as part of the package, PLDT Home Google Wifi Plans come with free service from the Home Geek Squad to help you position and set up the Google Wifi ‘points’ for optimal experience.

Google Wifi is designed intuitively, ensuring that connected devices are always latched on to the channel with the strongest Wi-Fi signal from PLDT Home Fibr. So even if you move around the house, the Network Assist feature will keep you connected online, leaving you with a seamless and uninterrupted internet experience no matter where you go.

To manage Google Wifi, you can download the companion app (available for Android and iOS) to manage settings, allocate bandwidth to different devices, and create scheduled pauses on devices used by kids.

Put an end to your Wi-Fi dead spots now and enjoy Unli Fibr in every room, on every device by upgrading to the all-new Google Wifi Plans! Know more by visiting

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