The MAID in LONDON starring Andi Eigenmann NOW SHOWING!

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Inspired by true events, a young mother, Margo (Andi Eigenmann) and her best friend, Faye (Alexis Navarro) are forced to cling to the edge of a knife so they could travel in the United Kingdom. They both plan to work there even without a work permit. With only six months visa, time is running out or they may face the risk of deportation.

Margo will face the unexpected event that will turn her life around. Whilst Faye finds the love of her life but under different circumstances, the relationship is not going well. She needs to sacrifice her true love in exchange for her freedom to stay.

Both of them are taking the risks so they could provide a quality life for their loved ones back home. They live the life of fear; every day is like a battle trying to avoid getting caught by the immigration officers and just by thinking of it, it makes them stress all the time plus the hard work, and the emotional pain because of loneliness but for what it's worth it will show you what it gets to be the modern "True Heroes"

The Maid in London held a premiere night at Robinsons Galleria last July 3.

The lead star of the film - Ms. Andi Eigenmann plays the role of Margo

Andi shared details about her comeback project after trying to mellow down on her showbiz career to focus on bonding with her child and experience the life she always wanted, a stress-free life in the island. Andi also shared how she enjoyed filming this movie because they shot it in London where she gets to roam around the city and also bond with the crew. 

Andi shared that she learned a lot from playing the role of MARGO, she had realizations that the OFWs are really the modern day heroes of the country, they sacrifice a lot for the sake of their family and she can somehow relate to it because she also misses her daughter everytime she gets busy with work, how much more to those OFWs who doesn't see there family that much. 

Andi also shared why she decided to "lie-low" in her career and simply said that "it's about time", she added that this is where she wanted to see her self and the perfect time is now where she can still enjoy basking in the sun, enjoying the beach while she is still young and she can enjoy it with her daughter. But she added that she is willing to accept projects for as long as it's a good one. 

Andi showcased how effective she is when it comes to drama, I'm sure a lot of Filipinos will be able to relate on her character as Margo because she portrayed it really well. Matt Evans is indeed an amazing actor, I hope he lands more good projects because he can very well act and give justice to any role that he gets. I also loved Polo Ravales on his role in this film, he is definitely the type of guy that saves the day and proved that love has no boundaries and is willing to do anything for the person that he loves, he is quite perfect for the role too.

This movie will touch your heart and guaranteed to put a smile on your face after watching it. There are many twists and turns that make it different from typical OFW stories. It is very inspiring and will make you realize that we should never lose hope and that we should also chase our dream to make it come true. 

The Maid in London is now showing in cinemas! under Cinemanila.UK in association with Viva Films Productions

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