Cry No Fear starring Ella Cruz & Donnalyn Bartolome NOW SHOWING!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Suspense-Thriller film of Viva Films "Cry No Fear" which is directed by no less than Direk Richard V. Somes is now showing in cinemas nationwide. Starring Ella Cruz and Donnalyn Bartolome in their most challenging roles to date. 

Last June 18, "Cry No Fear" held a red carpet premiere at SM Megamall. Ella Cruz and Donnalyn Bartolome were so excited for their film and so are their loyal fans who waited to for them hours before the said premiere night just to see them in person.

Ella and Donnalyn shared some details about the film and also ask for their supporters to not spoil the ending of the film and also help promote it by not watching pirated films. 

Also present during the premiere night were Direk Richard Somes, Sheree, Lito Pimentel and Patricia Javier.

Ella Cruz and Donnalyn Bartolome take the lead roles of antagonistic half-sisters Wendy and Kaycee.  Their father (Lito Pimentel) is well aware that the two cannot stand each other, but he has to leave them at home together for three days, in the company of their nanny Dory (Sheree).  

In the middle of a raging storm, the tension at home is amplified by unwanted guests begging for food and medicine.  The sisters drive the strangers away, but their safety is already compromised.  They find themselves in the hands of ruthless intruders (Lander Vera Perez, Christopher Roxas, Patricia Javier) who will not think twice about killing them.  

Cry No Fear is indeed another masterpiece of Direk Somes, this is without a doubt his forte and trademark since he is known for creating films like horror and suspense-thriller. The movie will leave you breathless and I would really like to praise Lander Vera Perez, Christopher Roxas, Patricia Javier and Carlyn Ocampo. They will really make you feel like sheer terror in this film, they are really good actors, the fight scenes of Ella, Donnalyn and Carlyn were a much watch after all this is R-16 film so it is expected to be a little graphic. 

Ella and Donnalyn proved that in this movie, they are not just the typical"pabebe" teen stars anymore. They've done a lot of grueling scenes here in Cry No Fear and they delivered it really well. Watch out for the last scene of this film, will Wendy and Kaycee be able to escape to save their lives?

After watching this film, it made me realize how important it is to really take care of our family especially in times of danger. What our parents always tells us back when we are still young up until now to never talk to strangers and always lock the doors is really crucial. 

Don't miss CRY NO FEAR NOW SHOWING in cinemas nationwide under VIVA Films

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