HYPE: New Filipino Owned ride-hailing App to be available mid-May

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Hype Transport System – President and CEO Nicanor Escalante (Center), Chief Operating Officer (COO) Jennifer Silan and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) John Codorniz, Jr.

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board issued the Certificate of Accreditation for Hype Transport Systems, Inc. which will be effective for two years, this only means that Filipinos can now have an alternative ride across the metro and they explained how cheaper, more effective and interactive they are compared to the other ride-hailing app we have in the country.

In a recent survey done by Thompson Reuters Foundation, Metro Manila ranked 10th as the worst public transport. Commuters battle everyday just to have a decent transportation back and forth to work and going home and it's a nightmare when peak hours started, but based from my experience, there's no peak hours anymore. This is why an alternative is badly needed to solve the worsening condition of the transport system in the country since it affects the economy of the country as well. 

photo c/o CNN Philippines

Thankfully, we now have an alternative. A truly Pinoy ride-sharing service app, has come to bring a new light and hype up the solution for the commuting public’s transport dilemma - Hype Transport Systems, Inc. is now one of the newest transport network companies (TNCs) in the country to service its own kababayans.

It is now time for a Filipino brand to make it’s way into the transportation network vehicle services (TNVS) industry once and for all.

HYPE transport will soon have their app available, although it seems quite similar to the other ride-hailing app we used to know, the main difference is that they offer this service that you can book a ride even though you run out of internet connection, they have a feature where you can use the support system by texting a driver and this is all for FREE! Isn't that convenient? 

HYPE Transport Services
HYPE Sedan 

As for the fare charges, HYPE Transport made it sure that they will now implement per minute charges even if it's the peak hours, although there will be surcharge at times, this will be limited up to 2x only. The base fare is Php 40 for Sedan vehicles and Php 14 per km charge, for the car pool/sharing - base fare is Php 30 and Php9.50 per km charge. 

HYPE means Honest, Young, Professional and Enabling. To date, they will have 65,000 approved TNVS units only.

One problem about ride-hailing apps is that some drivers or even riders cancels ride, how would HYPE Transport handle this situation? would they have penalties as well and how strict are they to this policy.

How would HYPE Transport protect their drivers or riders in terms of emergency? Do they have an SOS or panic button in their app to monitor the safety of both the passengers and the driver too?

Since we all love discounts, HYPE TRansport will also have promo codes in the future where we can enjoy discounts on our ride. The drivers can also enjoy privileges like rewards and commissions as well for thier loyalty and hard work, depending on their hours of work.

I'm really excited to try HYPE Transport soon, the system will be available to download from Google Play and App Store on May 19, they will have a grand launch on May 27 and by May 28, we can all book our rides via HYPE Transport. 

For drivers who wants to partner with HYPE Transport, visit:

Unit 1602 16th Flr., 139 Corporate Center 139 Valero St. Bel-Air
 Makati City, Philippines 
Conact Number: 02-5418887

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