Rocco Nacino: On his 30th Birthday, Career & Settling Down in the Future

Monday, April 03, 2017

At the age of 30, Rocco achieved so many goals at a young age which only proves how determined he is when it comes to his craft. Many people may not have known but Rocco is a registered nurse before he entered the showbiz industry which is why if he didn't pursue his acting career, he would still shine in another field where he can help people too.

This is one of the reasons why Rocco makes it a point that he celebrates his birthday every year with something more meaningful and memorable. This year, he spend it with the kids from Right Start Community Center for Underprivileged Kids at Kidzoona, Robinsons Galleria. His birthday was last March 21 and according to Rocco, he celebrated it with his family, a simple dinner then a gathering with his close friends as well.

The birthday celebration started with a heartfelt prayer from Rocco's Mom. Rocco was also given an appreciation from Right Start Community Center for Underprivileged Kids for helping them. Rocco mentioned that he loves spending time with kids which is why he is excited to bond with them too. 

The kids were all excited to see Rocco too since all of them were a big fan of Encantadia. Rocco plays the role of Aquil. Even though it was Rocco's birthday, he was the one who showered the kids with gifts and a whole day of fun at Kidzoona where they can play with the other kids too.

Rocco also shared how he looks up to his parents and that he wouldn't make it this far without their unparalleled support and guidance. He wishes that he can be like his father someday when he finally starts his own family. 

Rocco said that as early as now, he is thinking of his future which is why he saves up and invests in business so that when the time comes, he knows that he can be a good provider. 
With all of his wonderful blessings and great career, he is thankful to GMA Network and Artist Center for always trusting him with big breaks and amazing projects, Rocco said that being a part of the biggest comeback fantaserye Encantadia is one of his bucket list. 

Aside from the fact that the role is physically challenging since there are a lot of fight scenes, Aquil is determined to protect everyone especially the Sang'gres and the Kingdom of Lireo, this was once played by Alfred Vargas which is also a close friend of Rocco. Good thing though that Rocco is physically fit and he does boxing and martial arts too.

He feels overwhelmed that he gets to act with amazing actors and people recognized him with his role as Aquil. He wishes to do more challenging roles in the future just like this one.

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