#JulianElla: Teen Dance Tandem now ready to take over the Entertainment Scene

Friday, April 28, 2017

Showbiz’s rising teen dance tandem is ready to take over the local entertainment world.

Julian Trono and Ella Cruz performed their newest single Tamis, Balang araw 
and Tumalon.

Online sensations Ella Cruz and Julian Trono, dubbed the Teen Dance Princess and Teen Dance Prince, respectively, for their long string of viral dance video hits, are now preparing two big projects that will further make them all-around stars.

The Viva Artists Agency talents have started pre-production work on their launching movie with the working title “Fanboy/Fangirl.” In this lighthearted romance-comedy, Julian will take on the role of a wannabe actor and Ella will play the role of a Korenovela dubber who will help Julian’s character improve his acting skills in order to land the breaks he has been chasing after. The movie promises to be a feel-good youth pop piece in the mold of “Diary Ng Panget,” the blockbuster from Ella and Julian’s home studio, Viva Films.

Julian Trono and Ella Cruz shared how excited they are with the upcoming projects Viva prepared for them, they shared some of it during their Grand Presscon. This might not be the first time that they'll be paired in a love team since both have been in the showbiz industry since they were kids but for Julian and Ella, their love team is a breath of fresh air. 
One of the reasons why is that they both have the same passion in dancing and since they love what they do, they collaborate most of the time which is also the reason why their love team was created.

Speaking of “Diary Ng Panget” which was adapted from a Wattpad hit, Ella and Julian’s other major project is a TV series based on another Wattpad-hit-turned-bestselling-book-series, “Break The Cassanova’s Heart.” The weekly series will air on network TV in the third quarter of the year.

“We’re so blessed with all these opportunities,” says Julian. “Sunod-sunod ang mga projects. We’re super thankful to Viva.” Ella shares the sentiments and adds that they are both very excited and nervous at the same time. “Nakaka-tense din. Big challenge for me and Julian to prove ourselves. For sure we’ll give our all para hindi kami mapahiya sa mga fans and supporters namin.”

The two total performers have been giving their all in their music, and not only in their hit dance cover videos. They released their solo singles with Viva Records late last year, the charttopping “Tamis” and “Balang Araw,” and they recently unleashed their first duet, “Tumalon.” All three are upbeat tracks that showcase their dancing skills as well as pop vocals. Fans can expect more collaborations for their upcoming movie and TV projects. 

So far, Ella’s biggest video hit is her version of Fifth Harmony’s “Work It” which has reached the 6 million mark. For Julian, his “Fetty Dance Craze” has more than 4 million views. Their first collaboration video, “Versace on the Floor,” which was released in February, has garnered over 3 million views.

The tandem is also the main featured artists fronting the PPop Generation of new OPM artists that have been drawing huge crowds of shrieking young fans in shopping malls in Metro Manila and nearby vicinities since January. 

Expect more from this rising tandem.

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