Gabbi Garcia on being Pantene's newest Asia ambassador & the cover of Preview Magazine

Saturday, April 08, 2017

The 18 year old GMA Artist Center star Gabbi Garcia have checked a lot of things lately on her bucket list and at an early age, it's such a big achievement that she will never forget.

Gabbi Garcia is Pantene’s newest Asia ambassador and she is the first Filipina to become the face of the brand. She stars in the latest Pantene TV commercial that will air in 10 countries, including the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia.

During the Blogcon, Gabbi mentioned how surreal the experience was. According to her, it wasn't until she was at the location shoot that she realized everything was really happening. 
Gabbi was handpicked by the global brand simply because of the obvious reasons. Gabbi can truly represent empowered women because at the age of 18, Gabbi is determined to push her limits and be an achiever. 

Aside from being busy with her career, she also makes it a point that she will finish her studies. She's also a licensed diver plus does numerous charity events and activities to help save the environment among other things. She's a big inspiration to most teens nowadays which is exactly what Pantene is looking for, an empowered and independent woman like their tagline, "Strong is beautiful".

Gabbi flew all the way to Australia to shoot the TV commercial and the print campaign, where she worked with award-winning photographer and filmmaker Olivier Staub, Sydney-based Hollywood stylist Ellie Goodman, celebrity hairstylist Ken Arthur and high-profile Filipino makeup artist Robbie Piñera.

The secret was out as well when it was mentioned that Gabbi was indeed a user of Pantene, in fact when she was still starting in the showbiz Industry, she was interviewed by GMA Artist Center which brand would she like to endorse in the future given the chance and Gabbi answered hopefully, it's Pantene. 

The Kapuso star embraces the challenge in her newest project, but is thankful that she has been trusted by the international brand. “It feels overwhelming, especially knowing that the previous ambassadors are all strong and successful. But being in a big production where I work with people from different countries, I feel so empowered,” Gabbi continued.
Gabbi takes being Asia’s newest Pantene ambassador as a platform to send every Filipina teen a message that believing anything is possible can make dreams come true.

Gabbi Garcia is also the cover girl of Preview Magazine for the month of April. The top fashion and iconic magazine showcased how glamorous and outstanding Gabbi's beauty is. She looks every bit of a Filipina beauty, which is perfect for the magazine cover. She's armed with beauty, brains and undeniable confidence.

Gabbi presented her Preview April issue copy and shared her experience as well. She said that she has done several photo shoots for magazines in the past and with Preview, it was a big leap to maturity since most of her shots were a bit sexy. She was wearing a bathing suit and she mentioned that at the age of 18, she is ready to break free from teeny bopper roles or pictorials but added that it doesn't mean she will do more mature roles, it still depends on the story or the concept of the photoshoot.

Check out some of her photos below from Preview Magazine:

Gabbi Garcia also talked about Ruru Madrid, her onscreen love team. Although there were issues that he is being linked with GMA Artist star Arra San Agustin, Gabbi said that she is very supportive of Ruru in all aspects of his life that way that he supports her as well. Gabbi said that that's how true friends are, they support one another no matter what and they've gone through different obstacles just to get to where they are now. Most of the time they're together because of their taping and Gabbi said that it's okay if they will be paired of with other artists because they also need to grow as an artist, but whatever happens #GabRu will always be a big part of her life.

Don't miss Gabbi Garcia on Encantadia as Alena weeknights via GMA Network after 24 Oras!

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