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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ms. Body Beautiful, actress Ms. Vivian Velez has been in the industry for quite some time already but looking at her now, she doesn't seem to age a bit. Her most notable film is Ang Babaing  Hinugot sa aking Tadyang which is directed by no less than Mr. Carlo J. Caparas.

Just recently she was part of GMA Network's Fantaserye Encantadia and before that, her most controversial teleserye in 2016 Tubig at Langis starring Cristine Reyes.

She has won several Best Actress award and still one of the most in demand actress because of her professionalism and love for her craft but what makes her look ageless? Her secret lies with Dr. Joan Clarence Morallo of Clarence Slimming and Dermatology Center.

Last March 4, PicoWay was launched and present during the event were the celebrity ambassadors of Clarence Slimming and Dermatology Center including Ms. Vivian Velez. Mr. Mike Mempin and Dr. Joan Clarence Morallo.

PicoWay® is an advanced laser treatment for tattoo removal, pigmentation, skin irregularities and signs of aging. The PicoWay aims to treat signs of ageing by stimulating the skin’s repair mechanism and encouraging collagen production. The Resolve’s two fractional wavelengths, 532 nm and 1064 nm, enables treatments of shallow and deep imperfections, treating skin texture, pigmentation, sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

This is being offered in Clarence Slimming and Dermatology Center spearheaded by Dr. Joan Clarence Morallo. 

According to Ms. Vivian Velez, she trusts only Dr. Joan Clarence Morallo when it comes to taking care of her skin and more. She have tried most of her service at Clarence Slimming and Dermatology Center and for years now she knows that this is the best decision. 

According to Dr. Clarence, Ms. Vivian Velez doesn't really need any major treatments because she ages gracefully, she just needs to maintain it and Clarence Slimming and Dermatology Center is there to help her maintain it. 

Check out the interview of Ms. Vivian Velez  and Dr. Joan Clarence Morallo:

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