G-Force Project 2017 Summer Dance Workshop: Dance Your Dream

Monday, March 06, 2017

Premier dance group-cum-dance company popularly dubbed G-Force celebrates a decade of excellence and fame with the theme "Dance Your Dream," powering its continuing steps to greater heights with its very own app, a self-help and semi-autobiographical book written by dance guru and G-Force creator and creative director Teacher Georcelle Dapat Sy and a spectacular dance concert scheduled on May.

Back in 2005, having begun its remarkable run as part of the ASAP Sunday show on ABS-CBN, G-Force quickly transformed into a reliable troupe for engaging dance showcase regularly seen on free TV. But it was in 2007 that Teacher Georcelle formalized the G-Force Project that now effectively serve as a training ground for dance aspirants, some of them legitimate fans of the act wanting to emulate their ways and wonder on live stage.

The highly respected T.G shared, "To those who want to treat dancing as a career because it is the art they're passionate about, I urge them to enroll. We are installing the G-Force app to make it easier for them to choose classes and schedules."

Sample of Warp Up ala G-Force with Teacher Georcelle

The G-Force Project launches its Summer Dance Workshop this year to accommodate requests and demands from parents of kids and millennials hoping to learn more about the art of dance from instructors molded by the G-Force mantra of sharing the knowledge and skill that produce first-rate dancing routine. By enrolling, students, in essence regardless of age, get to experience intensive training worked out through fun dance exercises and executions.

The book that T.G has completed for publication this month is about "important learnings on and off stage." Readers should expect to get inspired by the success story of the famed dance choreographer anchored on the impact of G-Force as a team of dancers created through high-level artistry and professionalism.

"In embracing the art of dancing, you should try everything and then stick to your style. Care to create something that's timeless," T.G urged.

Mall of Asia Arena. Several enrollees are expected to join the workshops and the highly entertaining concert that serves as its grand finale.

G-Force's popularity has made it global in terms of acceptance, with the group having flown off to as far as United Arab Emirates where it entertained Filipinos out there and even the foreign crowd. One thing that separates it from others of its types, the G-Force's dance school "G-Force Dance Center" has been the home of celebrity choreographers - those dance talents who already achieved the status of being real stars of the craft.

Teacher Georcelle during the tour at the new headquarters of G-Force

T.G added, "Over the years you get to know what you want in life. I have become myself because I chose it to be. I want to promote and preserve quality dancing on TV and I believe that has been the impact of G-Force over the years. We hope to continue this tradition of excellence and fun through the art of beautiful and graceful body movements complementing whatever music at hand."

With T.G and her strong pool of dance choreographers at the helm, G-Force urges those with dreams of achieving brilliance in the art of dancing to really do the talking by dancing to it. It's heartfelt to dream, it's wise to dance with it.

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