Boracay: Top Summer Destination & Why Tourists Love it

Monday, March 06, 2017

Boracay will always be the top summer destination is the Philippines and the world. Even if it's not the summer season, you can still spot tourists enjoying the pristine white sand beach in Boracay. 

Even if it's too crowded come summertime in Boracay, I would still love to go there but not in the peak season though. There are plenty of reasons why more and more people fall in love with this island and here are some of the reasons why I keep coming back for more! (I've been to Boracay 3 times already but I am still planning to visit again in the future!) 

Whether locals or foreign tourists, Boracay will simply make you feel like you're in a paradise because of its fine powdery sand, you won't have any problem walking on the shores, I can walk barefoot from station 1 to station 3 without even feeling tired about it. You won't even notice that you walked that far because of the scenery around you.

There are plenty of activities you can try at Boracay that you won't get close to being bored. There are adventures like parasailing, scuba diving, kite flying, helmet diving, banana boat, island hopping and more!

Sand Art! I've always been fascinated with the skills of the locals on how they can perfectly do this, even as little as 10 years old, they can do a perfect sand art! Your visit at Boracay will not be complete without a photo op with it.

Nightlife and Food Trip. You can never go wrong with these two but of course both with moderation. There's a lot of food choices in Boracay and if you're looking for party, come night time, there's a lot of bars where you can party the night away especially during LaBoracay weekend. 

You can swim all day till you get tired because the water is so refreshing and still that even if you don't know how to swim you won't even worry that you might drown. Just seeing the calmness of the water around you makes you even more relaxed to swim around and enjoy the beach. 

Lastly, Sunset at Boracay will always take your breath away. It's the part of the day that I always look forward to and whenever I get the chance to travel, I make it sure to catch the sunset in a perfect place so that I can take pictures of it. Of course, this is the most photographed sunset but don't blink because it only lasts for a few minutes so take those photos fast.

I'm thankful that I got the chance to visit Boracay while it is still on its prime days. There are plenty of changes in Boracay and through the years, we've seen how the island has been developed into a more commercialized destination. There are a lot of establishments, more restaurants, hotels and even a mall! But come to think of it, the island is also suffering from all of this. There are fewer trees. Come summertime there are more algae each year in the shores and these are products of the human waste and poor waste disposal as well. 

Years ago, Boracay was hit by fecal coliform contamination and research found that the contamination is from untreated human wastes that drain out to sea. Last year, CNN Philippines reported “an imminent loss” of Boracay's marine life and ecosystems, which have been “seriously degraded by tourism-related activities.”

I believe that Boracay has been left high and dry by tourists, resort owners, locals and government and I hope DENR will do something about it although I know they're also busy putting down the mining companies who have been doing illegal activities and polluting some of the islands in our country which is actually a good job thanks to Sec. Gina Lopez. 

Let's just hope that tourists and the government can do something in preventing the worst scenario that can happen to Boracay years from now. Let's do our share and help protect our seas. Let's not just travel but also inform others how we should help in waste management.
Let Boracay be a reminder and a caution to other top destinations in the country that it should all be maintained. Let's give the next generation something to experience, the sense of wonder and awe that the island's nature and beauty once gave us before it's too late.

Where I stayed in Boracay:

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